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NCC and Ideation Launch Ohio Innovation Center for Composite Innovations

  • Friday, 27th May 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

The National Composite Center (NCC) and Ideation International have collaborated to launch new organization called the Ohio Innovation Center (OIC) for researching and developing new composite innovations.

The OIC, housed in the National Composite Center in Dayton, Ohio, aims to improve the state’s business, technology and education communities with a one-stop solution for innovation and invention.

“”Ideation has a model for innovation that works,”” said Lou Luedtke, President and CEO of NCC. “”The company’s unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology called Ideation-TRIZ (pronounced trees), among other benefits, is helping companies overcome technological roadblocks, invent on demand and identify next generation breakthrough products.””

Wayne Early also feels I-TRIZ is a strong solution for PolymerOhio’s member companies. “”OIC and I-TRIZ can significantly enhance the inventive and problem solving capabilities of our companies,”” he said. “”Ohio has a great opportunity to build new jobs and retain employment with current and evolving polymer technologies. Twenty-eight hundred Ohio polymer based companies and 140,000 polymer industry employees provide a strong base to build on. OIC can be a critical aspect of our success in capturing these opportunities.””

A spokesperson from the NCC said that every enterprise, whether its composite or polymer-based, recognizes the need for a structured method to control the innovation process and for this purpose – many techniques and methods have been developed – I-TRIZ is significantly different because its based on technology (the analysis of more than 3 million patents) rather than psychology. It incorporates a proven theoretical base with powerful analytical and knowledge-base tools. I-TRIZ software offers a powerful combination of methodology and tools that can be easily integrated into an enterprises existing system to provide sustained organic growth.

But I-TRIZ is only part of the total system OIC will offer. “”NCC is recognized regionally and nationally for the development and commercialization of cost competitive composite materials and manufacturing processes,”” said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. “”NCC is also able to take projects that would normally require up to 10 years to move from the invention stage to industry application and dramatically shortens those steps to just two to four years.””

“”NCC will offer I-TRIZ and related services to its member companies and target small business manufacturers of advanced materials that might not normally be able to tap these kinds of resources,”” said Luedtke. The Engineers Club of Dayton will provide the third component of the total OIC solution by becoming the teaching facility for training I-TRIZ experts to staff the new Innovation Center.

“”Dayton has been credited with producing the most patents per capita than anywhere else in the world,”” said Bar-El. Our goal is to use the Ohio Innovation Center to take the state’s business, technology and education communities to new levels, get people excited about the wealth that creativity, innovation and intellectual property can generate and use the Center as a model that can be duplicated in other states. As the birthplace of aviation, Dayton is responsible for an invention that impacted the world. We believe that with an organization like OIC, new inventions of that magnitude can still be produced and help Ohio become the most innovative state in the US.””

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