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Nano-Level Mixer Gets Airing at Nano Forum

  • Wednesday, 14th October 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

In order to address one of the main issues associated with nano-level mixing, Intertronics have come up with the Thinky nano-level mixer, which they aim to show to delegates at this year’s Nano Forum (3rd/4th November, Hilton, Park Lane, London).

Intertronics say that the device is capable of non-invasive planetary mixing. The planetary principle does not enfold air, so air bubbles are simply not created. Manufacturers also say that due to its design the Thinky eliminates extreme stress peaks within the material that could otherwise damage fragile nano-particles.

The ARV-310 and its larger capacity sibling the ARV-5000 are both said to utilise Thinky planetary mixing technology with the added advantage of a vacuum environment.

According to the company, their 400g acceleration enables uniform mixing as well as simultaneous dispersion and deaerating for highly active nano-sized particles such as carbon nano-tubes or particles in epoxy or silicone, nano-ceramic in water, nano-fibres in polymer, nano-gold balls, yag phosphor in silicone, or for organic materials.

Explains Peter Swanson, M.D. at Intertronics: “The Thinky ARV units are addressing the really difficult mixing problems in laboratories around the world. Their bi-directional action does not enfold air while the new vacuum environment facility removes existing air or other gases. A good example is carbon nano-tube dispersion in epoxy where compared to hand mixing the Thinky process led to better than halving resistivity in the final material.”

The Thinky planetary mixing process is considered ideal for nano-polymers, ultra-fine semiconductor elements, molecular devices, biogenic materials, protein solar batteries, organic ELs, intelligent ceramics, functional materials, materials for high-technology electronic devices, carbon nano-tubes, nano-carbon black, nano-composite, etc.

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