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MVP’s Custom Winding System Slashes Production Time

  • Monday, 21st December 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

MVP Advanced Design Group were brought in by Delta Environmental Products to help design a custom-made filament winding system, which has helped reduce production time from 58 minutes to just 15.

The problem faced by Delta Environmental Products occurred in the company’s wastewater solutions division; previous production methods for making a single tank shell used a lot of resin and took around one hour to complete, which did not include moving the part 300 feet between the production and assembly areas.

Working closely with Delta, the MVP Advanced Design Group designed a specific vertical winding system that was exactly what they needed.

This new system applies the resin and fiberglass in rings rather than swaths.

The MVP approach is said to be a significantly faster and cleaner process, which also requires less drying time.

Production time to finish a tank went from 58 minutes down to 15 minutes, a fact that has enabled Delta to produce around 30 tanks per day whereas they were only able to complete 18 before the new system was installed.

Delta Environmental Products Operations Manager Greg Treadaway, who was intimately involved with every step of this project said, “This is almost science fiction.” He continued, “You can take some raw materials and in 15 minutes pull it off the load as an almost finished product. It’s impressive, and it’s an improvement in several important areas.”

Magnum Venus Plastech has a history of working closely with customers who have specialized applications in standard meter/mixing systems to the more advanced systems like the Vertical Winding System developed for Delta.

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