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MVP Expands Accessories for Light RTM Equipment

  • Tuesday, 8th April 2008
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Magnum Venus Plastech has released several new accessories to the light RTM product line.

MVP has developed all of their fittings to work with one common universal mould Insert. Any attachment to the mould is now possible using one industrial standard insert, including the mould injection pipe or Automatic Injection Valve (Turbo Autosprue), flange vacuum, catchpot, air ejector and mould pressure sensor.

The Universal Mould Insert is supplied with a patented lock clip design which instantly secures any of the various fittings into the mould, and just as easily provides removal. This is particularly important for air ejectors which, on large moulds like boat hulls, may be moved to various positions to aid ejection air release without the cost of multiple air ejectors. A lockable “dummy plug” is also included in the new range to vacuum secure unused inserts which are strategically built in for potential alternative use.

All the new fittings designed to fit the new insert have double O-ring seals for greater vacuum security.

Additionally, a further 3 elastomeric profiles have been added to MVP’s range of mould accessories to aid mould building, sealing and resin flow.

The new smaller resin feed channel profile now provides the user with a choice of two peripheral resin feed channel designs. As many manufacturers are looking to reduce waste material, the new reusable feed channel is easy to apply during mould build and affords a 60% saving on resin consumption over the larger more common D section. It is intended for use on mould surface area of less than 2-3 square metres and is intended for smaller mould designs.

A solid seal of similar dimension and shape to the company’s very popular and industrial standard dynamic seal has been added. This will fit the current mould seal groove design so it is easily substituted for the Dynamic seal, providing the user with a more robust seal choice in the same mould.

Keyhole resin feed injection from within the mould cavity is now available for the larger mould surface area and is particularly appropriate to wind turbine blade manufacture or large marine mouldings.

The new reusable resin feed silicon section can be designed flush with the surface of the counter mould to provide line feed channel or channels. A 1 mm resin rich witness mark is easily removed on mould opening from the B side of the moulded part. The keyhole section now allows mould designers to be less concerned with ever increasing fill times with large moulds if they were to be filled conventionally from only the mould edge. Held in by design shape and tension to the counter mould the new section provides an ideal solution to any who desire artery and vein injection techniques over the common peripheral feed method.

Finally, a new intrinsically safe fluid level alarm system has been introduced for meter mix machines. “Level Sense” is a unique catalyst and solvent level alarm system launched at the JEC Exhibition in Paris.

The pneumatic “Level Sense” alarm system removes any concerns over electrical safety and is designed specifically for the FRP workshop environment. MVP say that the sensor is durable, safe, compact and affordable, saving the moulder the aggravation and cost of cleaning a mould filled with un-catalysed resin or a machine head gelled up from lack of solvent.

Level Sense is available on all of MVP’s range of injection machines, and can be supplied in a retrofit kit form.

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