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MVP Conducts Demos Inside ACMA Exhibition

  • Monday, 19th November 2007
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Magnum Venus Plastech was the first company allowed to conduct live demonstrations of their products and technology inside the hall at the ACMA Composites 2007 Exhibition in October.

Historically, organizers of the exhibition and city fire authorities had denied permission to conduct such demonstrations in the booths for safety and health reasons. However, MVP was able to demonstrate to each that the Light RTM Technology being demonstrated had reached a level of safety and technical security that there was no danger in allowing the demonstrations to proceed.

MVP conducted several demonstrations that included the full 15 minute, from the start of injection to the de-moulding of the part, closed mould injections of a carbon fiber racing car seat, producing a perfect fill each time with foam and metal inserts included in the part. The new Patriot SSB system with a safe water based Flush System was used for these injections. The new “MotoCat” feature on this system allowed for a change in catalyst percentage producing a rapid cure on the part after just a 70 second mould fill.

Presenters demonstrated how the entire moulding cycle is now an automatic sequence that starts with the press of a button. Jim Hedger, Jr., President of MVP said, “We see the growth of clean, closed mould technology as very important to our clients, so we have invested heavily in establishing top name expertise and intensive training programs in mould building and technology transfer.” He continued, “The show’s safe, clean and very professional demonstrations provided very serious encouragement toward change so very much needed under today’s emission control legislation.”

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