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MVP Conducts Comprehensive Light RTM Training In India

  • Friday, 12th March 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Magnum Venus Plastech Distributor for India, MVP-India, hosted the MVP Light RTM training for the first time at their facility in Mumbai in January.

According to MVP, the customers who attended this course were confident that they had successfully learned the techniques necessary to begin using LRTM in their production. Mr. Charles Tur, RTM/Infusion Technical Specialist for MVP, also met with several customers who had made the move into LRTM with the assistance of the technicians at MVP-India to speak with them on the latest technology and techniques being used in this process.

The purpose of this course, conducted by Mr. Charles Tur, is to provide customers, who are considering the move to closed mould technology, with the tools and training they need to make the changeover successful. To that end, the three day training course includes classroom lectures on the technology and techniques behind the process, the real costs and benefits of using Light RTM, and then moves to hands-on training from tooling the mould and counter mould, and finishes with the injection of a finished part.

MVP sya that India is proving to be a rising star in Composites production, and many companies there are moving quickly from “standard” spray up techniques into closed mould production. As they learn of the savings benefits in time, production costs, safety and more with making the change to Light RTM, Indian manufacturers have found the need to learn more about how to incorporate this process into their production.

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