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MuCell Obtains Exclusive License for Dow’s Flat Sheet Extruded Resin Patent Portfolio

  • Tuesday, 13th March 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Officials from MuCell Extrusion and Dow Chemical recently concluded an agreement for MuCell Extrusion to acquire Dow Chemical’s patent portfolio for flat sheet extrusion of polyolefin resins, and gives MuCell Extrusion and its customer’s exclusive rights to the Dow patents related to flat sheet technology for a wide variety of applications.

MuCell Extrusion explain that they have also signed a license agreement with EDV Packaging Solutions who will utilise their expanded technology offering to produce foamed polypropylene barrier sheets for food packaging applications throughout Europe.

“We provide expertise in process development and co-development programs, and Dow offers formulation expertise in resins. We believe this combination will bring significant benefits to our customers,” said Mark Lindenfelzer, President, MuCell Extrusion. “All of the relevant intellectual property has now been bundled into one source, which should bring some much needed clarity to the marketplace. The combination of our own patents and intellectual property and Dow’s patents now allow customers the opportunity to apply the most advanced foaming technology to develop, produce and sell products. 

“We’re very exited to be working with EDV Packaging Solutions and we look forward to helping them to advance their food packaging applications to commercial production this spring,” said Lindenfelzer.

“This agreement combined with EDV Packaging’s coextrusion expertise, will allow us to make a giant step in offering a new range of foamed polypropylene sheets with EVOH to EDV’s customers, both food producers and brand owners. These materials will make a difference in reducing packaging weight and therefore environmental impact” said Jordi Pursals, President of EDV Packaging Solutions.

According to Lindenfelzer, “the immediate effect of MuCell Extrusion’s newly enhanced technology offering is that, by using supercritical fluids (SCF) as a foaming agent, our customers will now produce cleaner foams which allow for significantly lower densities and tighter cell structure versus chemical foaming alternatives.”

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