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Movement to Create Latin American Association of Composite Materials

  • Friday, 15th October 2010
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A project that will culminate in the foundation of the Latin American Association of Composite Materials (ALMACO) is being led by Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO).

The start-up of ALMACO was set up two weeks ago, in Chile, by the composites manufacturer Fibrovent. The company suggested the creation of ALMACO to ABMACO’s directors during the Second Training Seminar on Advanced Technologies of Composite Materials, organized by Fibrovent.

“As representatives of other Chilean companies and companies from Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, we found the idea very interesting. That is why we decided to take it to our board, which immediately approved the initiative”, says Gilmar Lima, president of ABMACO.

Since it represents the largest market of composites in the region – it generated a turnover of US$ 1.25 billion in 2009, which is expected to increase 11% this year – ABMACO was indicated as the natural choice to lead the foundation of ALMACO, which headquarter will be located in São Paulo. “In addition, there is no association with ABMACO’s experience and profile in Latin America”, says the current president.

ALMACO, says Lima, will have a central mission and guideline, but each local association will keep the autonomy to deal with issues related to their country. Besides increasing the representation of composite materials in several fronts, such as government agencies, universities and technology centers, ALMACO may help Latin American manufacturers to export – a practice almost absent in the region.

“We will have the market fully mapped and, therefore, there will be several opportunities for associations, mergers and direct sales. And, for the rest of the world, we will have a much stronger association to fight for our interests”. The first of them, proposed in April by the president of ABMACO, is the creation of JEC Latin America, in partnership with JEC Composites, a French company that organizes the largest international fair of the composites industry.

“ALMACO will be essential to ensure the sustainable growth of the Latin American market”, added Lima, emphasizing that he is not running for the presidency of the future entity – his term of office in ABMACO ends in December 2012.

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