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Michelman Presents Hydrosize Carbon Fibre Sizing Solutions at CAMX 2018

  • Tuesday, 16th October 2018
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Michelman will introduce attendees at CAMX 2018 to its new product family of Hydrosize carbon fibre sizing solutions.

The company says this new family illustrates its commitment to carbon fibre manufacturers and will allow the composites industry to leverage carbon fibre’s benefits of high strength and stiffness, and help it further exploit the traditional benefits of composites such as design freedom, consolidation of parts, and integration of functionality while meeting lightweighting initiatives.

The following products will be presented at the show.

Hydrosize Carbon 200 Series

Hydrosize Carbon 200 Series includes products used as carbon fibre sizing for polyamide and/or high temperature polyamide applications. This series includes APE free dispersions designed for fibre reinforced nylon composites where greater thermal stability is required. A typical automotive application would include coolant pumps. Other benefits of these solvent and VOC-free small particle size dispersions are reported to include excellent film forming properties and high strand integrity. They are applied via dip, rod, air knife, gravure, spray and blade applicators.

Hydrosize Carbon 300 Series

Formulated to work with polycarbonates (PC) and other PC blends such as PC-ABS, this series of products offer good chemical resistance along with interfacial adhesion to such polymer systems. An appropriate application includes laptop cases.

Hydrosize Carbon 400 Series

This series of high performing sizing can withstand the extreme processing temperatures that many high temperature thermoplastics require. Appropriate materials include PEEK, PPS, PEI and others used to produce various composite engine components. The 400 Series exhibits excellent thermal stability, mechanical properties as well as low creep. This technology is especially suited for chopped carbon fibre applications.

Hydrosize Carbon 700 Series

The new Hydrosize Carbon 700 Series products are specifically formulated to improve the performance of carbon fibre reinforced vinyl ester composites. A typical automotive application would be exterior or under-the-hood components. Its proprietary chemistry allows for increased adhesion between the carbon fibre and various vinyl ester compounds.

Michelman will exhibit in booth F59 at CAMX on 15-18 October in Dallas, Texas, US.

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