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Metyx Expands Warehousing Facilities in Hungary

Metyx Expands Warehousing Facilities in Hungary

  • Tuesday, 16th October 2018
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The Metyx Hungary factory, located in Kaposvár, has recently expanded its warehousing facilities, adding an additional 3,024 m2 of enclosed storage space for composite technical fabrics, packaging and FRP tooling.

The extended warehouse has two dedicated areas. One section has racking for up to 1,300 tonnes of additional Metyx technical fabrics stock, including E-glass, carbon and hybrid multiaxial and woven reinforcements. The other section has been equipped to store and handle large-scale FRP master plugs, moulds and components produced by the Metyx Group, typically for wind energy, marine, building and transportation customers in the EU, providing consolidated deliveries of reinforcements, cores, kits, vacuum consumables, tooling and composite components ordered.

This latest expansion is part of Metyx’s five-year growth plan for the Kaposvár site, announced in February of this year, when the company secured a multi-million Euro 50% matched funded incentive package from the Hungarian Government’s Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

“We are very pleased to be on track with the next expansion phase of our operations in Kaposvár, meeting our commitments to the Hungarian government,” says Uğur Üstünel, Co-Director of the Metyx Group. “Expanding the warehousing space before adding further production capacity in Metyx Hungary was essential to ensure that we can continue to provide a high quality logistics and delivery service to our growing customer base across Europe.”

Metyx Hungary currently employs 199 people with six non-crimp fabric (NCF) production lines for both glass and carbon reinforcement fabrics. Over the next five years, the combined Metyx and HIPA investment funds will be used to further extend the production facilities and infrastructure of the Kaposvár site. Future investment plans include increasing production capacity for producing glass and carbon fibre textiles, adding new NCF and weaving machines, as well as expanding the core kitting and component manufacture services from Hungary. The technical fabrics and kits manufactured by Metyx Hungary are aimed at producers of composite parts used in major industrial market sectors including building and construction, boat building, automotive, transportation and wind energy. The ISO 9001 accredited Kaposvár site has completed intensive supply chain qualification programs with key wind turbine manufacturers.

Image provided by Metyx

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