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Metyx Composites Signs Distributorship Agreement with Alcan Airex

  • Wednesday, 7th May 2008
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Metyx Composites became an exclusive distributor of Alcan Airex products in Turkey as of January 2008.

The distribution agreement between the two companies was a natural fit to serve the growing composites industry in Turkey.

Alcan Airex is the European sales head office of the global organization Alcan Composites Core Materials and is a leading manufacturer of structural core materials. The well-known brands Airex and Baltek core materials are used by fabricators to make innovative lightweight sandwich structures. Airex and Baltek core materials feature mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, formability, ease of use, and/or fire resistance. The product range includes balsa, cross-linked or linear foams, thermoplastic PET, industrial urethane foams, fibre-reinforced polyurethane foams, and high-performance PEI foams.

Metyx Composites of Istanbul, Turkey manufactures high-performance reinforcements including multiaxial and RTM product groups. It also offers consulting services and composite products distribution.

“In the first quarter of 2008, Metyx Composites’ sales of Alcan Airex products surpassed our expectations by far,” announced Fredi Kaufmann, Regional Sales Manager, Alcan Airex. “We are excited about our cooperation with Metyx Composites as well as the prospects of taking Alcan Airex to various industries in Turkey and evolving the market,” he added.

“Metyx Composites is already an exclusive distributor of Aerovac, Axel, Composite Integration, Duratec, GlasCraft, Nord Composites, Polyworx, RST-5, Scott Bader, Spheretex, and Tubus Waben products. Core materials were missing from the total solutions package, but they now serve as a major addition to our distribution offerings. Alcan Composites Core Materials is the largest and most well-known core materials supplier in the world with production locations in Europe, North America, Ecuador and China. It is a globally recognized brand that also helps strengthen our position in the marketplace. We see Alcan Airex as a valuable partner who will play a key role in developing the Turkish composites market,” explained Ugur Ustunel, VP New Business Development, Metyx Composites.

“The plan is to grow the market for Alcan Airex in Turkey and then invest in a core material conversion facility at Metyx Composites’ new factory, which will be built in 2009, at our Istanbul headquarters. This will further increase the service levels offered to Metyx Composites customers, while providing for shorter lead times and flexible production,” concluded Mr. Ustunel.

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