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MC Gill Passes Airbus Supplier Process Audit

  • Tuesday, 25th September 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes


MC Gill has successfully completed a supplier process audit by Airbus Industries; an audit that is part of the Airbus monitoring strategy to ensure the application of the procedures imposed to the designers within Airbus and throughout the supply chain in compliance with EASA part 21 DOA requirements and the Airbus internal business requirements.

The Airbus Audit Program demonstrates that Airbus requirements, as well as regulatory requirements, are fulfilled.  MC Gill is a supplier of cargo liners and floor panels to Airbus Industries and many of its operators.  Airbus requires its suppliers to complete an audit every other year to confirm their continuing viability as a manufacturer of choice.

Areas subject to scrutiny included: Internal Signatory Delegation, Airworthiness Configuration Management, Independent Monitoring, Non Conformance Management, Process Assurance, Technical Specification (PTS), Product Surveillance, Design, Processes & Materials and General.

Upon completion of the audit, Robert Hawrylo, MC Gill Corporation Quality Director stated “We have successfully completed our Airbus audit with only one minor observation. This is a great accomplishment attributable to everyone’s team work and participation.  The lead auditor commented that it is very rare for a company to have the positive results we achieved, with most companies having multiple findings.  Achieving the results we did in an intensive audit for a major OEM like Airbus is proof of our high commitment to a quality product, and meeting and exceeding customer expectations.” 

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