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Maverick Boat Company and CCG Partner Up to Create a Legend

  • Tuesday, 15th December 2015
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Despite its already refined design process experience and unfailing performance in the marine industry, Maverick Boat Company (MBC) turned to the Composites Consulting Group (CCG) to further improve their production process, resulting in what CCG describes as the synonym of the perfect boat.

According to CCG, it is rightly seen as a pioneer in flats boat and bay boat technology. For over 30 years, MBC has been associated with leadership in innovation, uncompromised quality and bulletproof performance in the marine industry.

CCG explains that every boat is created using state-of-the art computer aided designs and leading-edge manufacturing technologies, many incorporated from the aeronautics industry. MBC successfully operates far beyond the waters of Florida and experiences unprecedented growth in both domestic and European markets.

CCG explains how MBC contacted it, asking for its assistance in choosing the best materials and manufacturing solutions to maintain the high cosmetic requirements of their boat hulls.

MBC naval architects started to work closely with the CCG team of qualified mechanical and process engineers, testing numerous solutions to get the best results. The CCG consultants provided directions and shared expertise on how to best exploit the high-tech materials used in MBC’s boat production. This included onsite trainings on conversion of laminates and infusion installation with subsequent oversight.

CCG explains that an important contribution from Vectorply Corporation, who produced an infusion specific material combination, further improved the cosmetic results.

CCG’s expertise in process engineering and fabrication in combination with MBC’s experience in dealing with challenging marine requirements led to the development of an industry benchmark with the absolute characteristics of style, comfort and safety – the Pathfinder 2600 TRS. Its high performance twin-stepped hull enables maximum fuel efficiency and top-end tournament speed.

This joined project of MBC and CCG has a significant meaning for the entire boat construction industry. CCG says it shows it is possible to reach a moulding turn-around time of 48 hours by optimising loading and hull infusion to 8 hours. It also serves as a successful example of how infusion can be integrated into a high-tech production environment.


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