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Marine Technology System’s Fireproof Doors Attract Take-Over by PaR Systems

  • Friday, 27th April 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Marine Technology Systems (MTS) and affiliated company MST Engineering have been acquired by PaR Systems. 

According to Marine Technology, PaR Systems carried out the acquisition because they have successfully developed COMFIRE, a non-combustible composite used in fireproof doors installation on the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers. PaR Systems has identified further market opportunities for this technology which will also add to the value of its existing portfolio of naval and marine products.

Marine Technology explain that they used development grants to create COMFIRE as a non-combustible composite which would contain fire in enclosed areas and can be also be fabricated into furniture and other items thus reducing the potential for fire. In 2012, a COMFIRE equipped watertight door became the first to pass the US Navy’s most stringent N 30 fire test.

COMFIRE is described as a state of the art composite based on recycled lightweight minerals that are not only stable in fire but offer total non-combustibility with no smoke or toxicity and excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

Commenting on PaR Systems’ acquisition of Marine Technology, Tony White, Managing Director of PaR Europe, said, “Marine Technology has successfully had COMFIRE tested and it meets the requirements of the Royal Navy and US Navy.  It has a contract to provide fireproof doors for the Royal Navy’s new carriers and we, at PaR, see COMFIRE and other Marine Technology engineered systems being used in other Royal Navy ships.  Our acquisition of Marine Technology provides us with the catalyst for developing business in Europe, especially for the naval and marine market places.”

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