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Machinery and Live Demos on Stand G15

  • Monday, 31st March 2008
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Magnum Venus Plastech is showing the new Patriot SSB System featuring Patriot technology and MotoCat at the European JEC 2008 show.

The New Patriot SSB Auto injection machine features adjustable, “on the fly” catalyst ratios from 0.5% to 3% with the new MotoCat catalyst percentage remote drive, as well as the latest, highly accurate meter/mix technology with Patriot.

Taking into account not only the strict existing governmental standards in Europe and North America, but also customer demand for safe and simple adjustment to the catalyst percentage during injection, the M.V.P. Advanced Design Group developed the “MotoCat.”

The MotoCat is a pure pneumatic driven catalyst control system that is signaled by the turn of a user control switch located on the machine’s control panel. The MotoCat provides a novel and safe ability for the user to adjust the catalyst ratio remotely and “on the fly” during the injection cycle. Being able to quickly adjust the catalyst ratio with safety and ease during injection reduces the cure time of the last resin to enter the mould as it’s adjusted to match the first.

Furthermore the New Patriot SSB System’s Rapid Access Design (R.A.D.) allows for immediate access to the Patriot metering system for standard maintenance. Locked with a single lever, the entire metering pump assembly can easily be unlocked within seconds for maintenance at a work bench, and just as easily replaced. Knowing that down time for maintenance affects the bottom line of any operation, M.V.P. specifically developed this system to reduce that down time by giving the operator easy access to the heart of the machine.

The Patriot SSB Auto will be in action at JEC 2008 for each of the daily practical demonstrations upon MVP’s exhibition stand.

MVP’s LRTM mould tool and technology training division will demonstrate the latest LRTM tooling innovations with live moulding of carbon and glass fibre injected mouldings featuring low density cores, metal inserts and complex split sectional moulded parts from two different mould designs.

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