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Mach 2 Waterjet is Suitable for Composites Cutting

  • Friday, 2nd October 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Flow International Corporation has recently released its new Mach 2 series of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting machines, suitable for cutting a range of composite materials.

This new line of cutting machinery is aimed at those with a limited budget who are looking to find a reliable and easy-to-use system, according to Flow International. Flowcorp say that it is suitable for CFRP, phenolic, aramids such as Kevlar, fibreglass, UHMWPE such as Dyneema, and metal matrix composites.

“The patented vacuum assist technology available on the Mach 2 virtually eliminates the chance of delaminating composite materials when piercing holes,” said Marjorie Millay, product manager, Flow International.

Flowcorp say that unlike single and multi-point tools such as routers, mills, lathes and saws, the supersonic cold erosion process produces no microcracks, delamination, whiskers, burning or damage in any way. According to the company, composites that are mechanically cut at one inch per minute can be cut at 15 to 30 inches per minute with a waterjet, due to the size of the water stream which creates a narrow kerf so it can cut tight corners and produces less scrap.

The Mach 2 series offers a range of features, such as a wide variety of UHP pump options, Paser ECL cutting system, a ball screw design intended to give long lasting accuracy and the FlowMaster intelligent control system.

“Flow has continually offered the highest pressure, most productive pumps, software, and machine tools in the industry, which has cemented our role as the leader in offering ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology,” said Chip Burnham, vice president of marketing, Flow International. “Our Mach 2 series provides companies previously unable to afford waterjet machines the benefits of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology, keeping them competitive in today’s manufacturing environment,” he added.

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