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LSM 21 achieves DNV approval.

  • Tuesday, 23rd April 2002
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MICAM Ltd. is pleased to announce that its special decorative laminate (MICAM LSM 21) has been given DNV (Det Norske Veritas) approval.

MICAM LSM 21 can be used in areas where other standard decorative laminates cannot be used because of particular fire issues. This particularly applies to marine applications when fire specifications are very tight.

The laminate has been tested when bonded directly onto honeycomb and given approval for use as Class C Division. This gives weight advantage over the standard approach of laminate onto aluminium sheet then honeycomb.

Typical weight is 5 Kg / Sq. Mtr. for 16 mm composite. It is available in a wide range of colours and patterns and is mechanically very strong because of glass fibre reinforcement. The product is graffiti and wear resistant and finds applications in new build and refurbishment of lightweight vessels.

MICAM Limited was established in 1966 and operates from a manufacturing facility based in Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland. Products manufactured by the company are supplied to companies throughout the world.

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