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Lord and MVC Join Forces in Case New Holland Project

  • Friday, 14th May 2010
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Lord and MVC are working on the nationalization of harvester parts produced in the US by Case New Holland (CNH), manufacturing hoods and side panels from composite materials.

“This development also includes our US technical staff, which provided all its expertise in order to support CNH during designing phase”, says Andrios de Souza, account manager from Lord Industrial Ltda. The company is a local subsidiary of North-American Lord Corporation.

Several metal reinforcements are bonded using Lord epoxy technology Fusor 380-383 NS. Souza explained that the epoxy-based product is a very robust technology and relies on a great application history both domestically and internationally. “This epoxy adhesive version is characterized by the excellent stability throughout the processing. It is also very resistant to high temperatures, which is essential when it comes to critical applications close to engines such as hoods”, he highlights.

In the US, these types os parts are manufactured from Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC). However, MVC suggested the use of RTM Light technology to give lower cost mould investments. “RTM Light enables also shorter project cycles”, compares Renan Holzmann, MVC’s engineering coordinator.

The beginning of the partnership between Lord and MVC goes back to the late 90’s when Lord introduced the adhesive used by MVC to bond Volvo´s NH truck hood. “One of MVC’s working philosophies is to involve its partners since the beginning of the project. Therefore, they can all provide the best possible solutions”, concluded Souza.

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