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Lord Adheres to ABMACO Composite Recycling Program

  • Friday, 16th July 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Lord, the manufacturer of structural adhesives, is the newest member of the National Composite Recycling Program created by the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO), which started in February and has the participation of the Institute for Technological Research (IPT).

It was adopted by ABMACO, working in partnership with technicians, to find alternatives that enable the use of composite waste to manufacture new parts.

“We decided to enter the program because Lord has always worked in line with the sustainability issue. It was one of the pioneering companies in Brazil to manufacture adhesives without heavy metals and coatings for water-based rubber”, says Sandro Leonhardt, market manager.

Lord’s adhesives are mainly used to glue composite parts in light and heavy vehicles, such as bumpers, hoods and ceilings. ”With the increasing concern of automakers with regard to the end of vehicles’ useful life and, consequently, to the destination of their components, ABMACO’s program will be extremely important to point out the best ways for the production chain of composites to follow””, he says.

ABMACO’s National Recycling Program is a consortium-type collective action, and participating companies will commercially exploit the solutions developed. In addition to Lord, another eighteen companies are part of the project, with an estimated period for implementation of twenty months. Meanwhile, participating companies have the right to use the seal “I am a member of ABMACO’S National Recycling Program.” “Those who have the seal show to the market and society that they care about environmental issues and the promotion of sustainable growth””, says Erika Bernardino, ABMACO’s marketing manager.

According to the association, the Brazilian composites sector generates approximately 18,000 tons of waste every year, which represents an expense of US$ 66 million with the disposal at Class 2 landfills.

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