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Long Fibre Compound Adds Strength and Style to ATV

  • Friday, 7th August 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

HiPer Technology has partnered with custom compounder RTP Company to upgrade their CF1 carbon fibre wheel rim for ATV sport riders.

Long fibre compounds from RTP Company were used to strengthen the wheel’s beadlock ring, which locks the tyre bead onto the rim and helps prevent terrain damage.

“”When we initially discussed re-designing the CF1 wheel, we wanted to find a replacement material with improved strength and colourability,”” said Tom Darnell, Founder and V.P. of Engineering at HiPer Technology.

“”Finding both qualities in a long fibre material proved difficult, but RTP Company provided us with a really great long fibre compound that vastly improved our product line. It’s a tremendous benefit to our customers, because they’re able to get a better product at the same price.””

HiPer uses an RTP 200 H Series long glass fibre impact-modified nylon 6/6 compound for the beadlock ring. In addition to providing excellent stiffness, high compression strength, and class-A surface qualities, HiPer engineers required this material pass what they call their ‘bounce test.’

“”To ensure the material was tough enough to withstand real world abuse, it underwent an additional evaluation through our bounce test,”” explained Darnell.

“”The component is dropped onto concrete — seven times — from a height of 24 feet (7.3 meters). Long fibre materials typically cannot sustain even one drop, but the RTP Company compound passed all seven drops with flying colours.””

HiPer also required the material to be colourable, adding styling that allows the wheel to match the ATV. “”We had trouble coming up with a material that was both colourable and still tough enough to withstand terrain abuse,”” said Darnell. “”We finally found our solution with RTP Company — their compound is 25% stronger than previous materials, easily mouldable, and gives us sharp, vibrant colour that we couldn’t find from any other supplier.””

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