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Lloyds Approval for New Crystic Crestomer FRP Structural Adhesive

  • Friday, 7th May 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The Crystic Crestomer range of high performance urethane acrylate structural adhesives from Scott Bader Composites has recently been extended to include a new longer working time grade.

The new product, Crystic Crestomer 1153PA is pre-accelerated and MEKP cured (2% w/v), supplied in 25kg and 200kg containers as required. It is aimed at composite manufacturers of larger FRP structures, typically with dimensions over 25 meters, who would benefit during production from a significantly longer adhesive open working time of up to 90 minutes, and fabricators operating in high local daytime ambient temperatures.

This new addition successfully gained Lloyds Acceptance, which covers structural adhesives for use in the most critical FRP bonding applications.

This FRP structural adhesive performance was dramatically demonstrated in 2009 when Schat-Harding, the supplier of lifeboat and evacuation systems for the offshore, cruise and shipping industries, set a new 55 metre free fall drop world record for a lifeboat with its FF1200 model; the hull bulkheads in its highly engineered fibre reinforced and sandwich composite design were bonded using Crestomer 1152PA.

Despite its ‘all up’ weight of 30 tonnes, the FF1200 lifeboat surfaced from the 55 metre drop, having plunging 11 m under the water, without suffering any external or internal damage from the tremendous impact force when it hit the water surface. The FF1200 was the first vessel to meet all the new OLF (Norwegian Oil Industry Association) design criteria for lifeboats in the Norwegian offshore sector, generally regarded as the most stringent offshore safety standard.

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