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Live LRTM Demos at Finland Show

  • Tuesday, 13th January 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

A live demonstration of the Light RTM process was conducted at the Lahti Muovi-Plastics Exhibition by Magnum Venus Plastech Distributor Pinteco KG Enterprises

Working together with represented suppliers, Pinteco KG Enterprise demonstrated the LRTM injection process twice a day each day using the Patriot SSB Injection System.

Designed for injecting polyester, vinylester and methacrylate resins and catalyst at controlled pressures, the Patriot SSB mixes on demand at the injection head. This system features adjustable, “on the fly” catalyst ratios from 0.5% to 3% with the new MotoCat catalyst percentage remote drive, as well as the latest, highly accurate meter/mix technology with Patriot.

According to MVP, customers were amazed to see the LRTM process happening in a booth during the show, particularly by staff wearing white shirts and ties. They were also surprised at the lack of any significant styrene emissions in the injection process. Many, including several large manufacturers, have invited Pinteco KG Enterprise to bring the MVP Light RTM Training Course to their facility to train their personnell in the LRTM process.

Overall, according to Jukka Leinonen of Pinteco KG Enterprise, “The demonstrations exceed our expectations. In the current pessimistic economic environment, people saw these demos as a shiny spot in what could be the middle of a shady future.”

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