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Lightweight Solution for Aircraft Fuel Systems developed with AGC AeroComposites

Lightweight Solution for Aircraft Fuel Systems developed with AGC AeroComposites

  • Tuesday, 8th July 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Technical Fibre Products Ltd (TFP) and AGC AeroComposites (AGC) will debut a new lightweight composite solution for aircraft fuel systems at the Farnborough International Airshow, UK.

The companies explain this joint development, patent pending, enables the electrical resistance of composite components to be precisely controlled and has the potential to provide a weight saving of up to 200 kg per aircraft.

TFP and AGC have collaborated in the joint development of electrostatic and lightning compatible composite pipes suitable for use in aircraft fuel systems. They state the shared technology enables the surface resistivity of the glass based composite pipe to be precisely controlled, therefore the structure is electrically isolating to resist lightning strike propagation but sufficiently conductive to dissipate the static electricity resulting from fluid movement.

According to TFP and AGC, the development is the first of its kind and presents the opportunity to save weight in aircraft fuel systems by replacing the heavier metallic equivalents, as well as enabling further weight and cost savings by a reduction in the palliative isolating/bonding techniques currently used.

The companies estimate that a weight saving of up to 200 kg per aircraft could be achieved, potentially equating to an estimated fuel saving of up to 26,000 kg per aircraft per annum.

Photo provided by TFP

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