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Lightning Motorcycles Introduces Lightning Strike

Lightning Motorcycles Introduces Lightning Strike

  • Wednesday, 8th May 2019
  • Reading time: about 5 minutes

Lightning Motorcycles is announcing today the official launch of the all-new Lightning Strike – a fully electric motorcycle designed to shock the motorcycle industry in every dimension by offering premium design, performance and technology for an ultra competitive starting price of $12,998.

Since Lightning was founded in 2009, a three-stage product development plan has been in place:

  1. Develop the best technology in the world
  2. Prove the superiority of the technology through competition
  3. Rapidly drive down the cost of producing the technology to offer the highest quality products for the most affordable price.

With 10 years of relentless effort and innovation, Lightning has now achieved the third stage of its product development plan with the launch of Strike.

Design & Aerodynamic Efficiency

Strike’s design is intended to blend elements of track-ready performance, daily rideability and comfort, as well as aerodynamic efficiency to extend range at higher speeds. With a beautifully dynamic sportbike esthetic, Strike shares clear design DNA with the LS-218 halo bike in a slightly more compact package. Ergonomic focus on rider triangle geometry positions the seat, handlebars and footpegs to make Strike feel like a natural extension of the rider.

By sculpting the fairing and bodywork in conjunction with extensive wind tunnel testing, internal competitive analysis indicates that Strike is by far the most aerodynamically efficient electric motorcycle on the market today. When compared to other non-faired electric motorcycles, Strike achieves nearly 30% reduction in aerodynamic drag at 70 mph resulting in significantly improved highway range.


A key aspect of every Lightning product is performance and Strike is no exception. Based on architecture and innovation developed with the Lightning LS-218 Superbike, Strike is engineered for the track but designed for the street. Strike’s fully liquid cooled AC induction motor is capable of producing 90 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque in the standard version of Strike and 120 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque in Strike Carbon Edition configuration. The standard Strike has a top speed of 135 mph while Strike Carbon Edition pushes its top speed to 150 mph.

To control Strike’s immense level of power and instantly available electric torque, throttle response has been tuned for phenomenally smooth and intuitive power delivery. Strike riders will have a sense of total control in every riding environment – from setting lap times at the track and carving up favorite backroads, to commuting and navigating complex urban settings.

Range & Charging

Strike offers three battery sizes allowing riders to choose the range which best suits their needs.

  • 10 kWh: 70 – 100 miles highway/city range
  • 15 kWh: 105 – 150 miles highway/city range
  • 20 kWh: 150 – 200 miles highway/city range

With the standard CCS (combined charging system) charge port, Strike has the capability of charging at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for maximum charging speed and convenience.

Level 1 – Overnight charge: Plug into any 110v household outlet and wake up everyday to a full charge

Level 2 – 2-3 hours: Charge on-the-go with access to network of 50,000+ J1772 public charging stations across the country

Level 3 – 35 minutes: DC fast charge 100+ miles of riding range in just 20 minutes.

Strike comes standard with Level 1 and Level 2 charging capability with Level 3 DC fast charging as a $1,500 option. Standard onboard charger is rated at 3.3 kW with an optional 6.6 kW onboard charger available for $1,500.

Strike Carbon Edition

Strike Carbon Edition is the ultimate version of Strike. True to its name, Strike Carbon Edition features full carbon fibre bodywork handcrafted at Lightning’s in-house carbon studio. Strike Carbon Edition is also fully configured with 120 horsepower, 180 lb-ft torque motor, 20 kWh battery and Level 3 DC fast charging as standard.

Additionally, Strike Carbon Edition is outfitted with Lightning’s Performance Package including top-level industry components Öhlins front and rear suspension, Brembo Monoblock brakes and AIM Strada racing dash with lap timer and GPS-based data logging. Strike Carbon Edition will also be the first version of Strike in production and delivered to customers.

Strike Manufacturing + Production

Lightning is able to bring a fully electric motorcycle with Strike’s level of design, performance, technology and ultra competitive price to market utilising Lightning’s multinational production and assembly facilities and strong global supply chain partnerships.

Lightning product development, design, engineering and final assembly takes place at Lightning’s new global headquarters and production facility in San Jose, California.

Strike Deliveries

Strike deliveries will begin in July 2019 starting with Strike Carbon Edition followed by Standard versions of Strike. The Carbon Edition is configured from the factory with available options included as standard so there is no need for Carbon Edition customers to configure their motorcycles.

Once the Standard version of Strike starts production, reservation holders will be contacted by Lightning for configuration to select desired options. Configurable options including battery size, Performance Package with upgraded Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes and AIM Strada racing dash, 6.6 kW charger and Level 3 DC fast charging.

Strike deliveries will initially start in the United States but Lightning will announce plans for international expansion in late 2019.

Image provided by Lightning Motorcycles

For more information visit:

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