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Lehvoss Introduces a New Generation of Thermoplastic Shielding Compounds

Lehvoss Introduces a New Generation of Thermoplastic Shielding Compounds

  • Tuesday, 9th June 2015
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Lehvoss North America has introduced LUVOCOM ES, a new generation of thermoplastic shielding compounds designed to have outstanding performance against electromagnetic waves and at smaller wall thicknesses.

These new compounds are engineered for the housings of electric and electronic devices such as computers, radios, phones, and laboratory equipment.

“As devices become smaller and smaller, and electromagnetic pollution becomes more serious with the increased use of electrical and electronic devices, the need for improved shielding materials is escalating,” explained Robert Healy, Business Development Manager at Lehvoss North America. “Because polymers are non-conductors, they are permeable to electromagnetic waves of up to approximately 100 GHz. Shielding is necessary to prevent electromagnetic environmental pollution and hence an influence on sensitive electronic devices.”

According to Lehvoss, a shielding effect is achieved by making the housings of the electronic components electrically conducting. This is done through the use of metal sheets and films, conductive coatings, and conductive compounds. When compared to competitive compound products, LUVOCOM ES offers better shielding performance said Healy. “Shielding materials available thus far have been less than effective, causing customers to design with thicker walls or use additional metal coatings or steel sheets to protect against the electromagnetic waves. This means extra work for installation and extra costs. LUVOCOM ES eliminates the need for secondary operations/installation of metal sheets or films or coatings, thus offering potential for a reduction in system costs. Furthermore parts can be smaller (no inlays/space for inlays) and more environmentally friendly due to less material mix and weight savings.”

LUVOCOM ES compounds are described as ready to use (no adding of masterbatches before or at the hopper of the injection moulding machine) with an optimised rheology for easy processing and thin walls. “This results in a much lower risk of defects in moulded parts due to imperfectly distributed fillers in comparison to polymers and masterbatches that have been dry blended at the injection moulding machine,” said Healy, adding “Evenly distributed additives ensure an efficient network of shielding additives.”

Due to its inherently high electrical conductivity, LUVOCOM ES allows small contact areas for necessary electric grounding. The innovative filler system enables an attractive surface appearance. Overall shrinkage, flow and mechanical properties for some LUVOCOM ES compounds are close to standard PC/ABS with 20% glass fibres. Flame retardant materials are also available.

Photo provided by Lehvoss. 

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