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Largest Surfboard in the World

  • Friday, 18th February 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Australian surfing company, Nevsurfboards, have designed the largest surfboard in the world.

The board measuring 25 feet long (12 metres) and 5 and a half feet wide was formed from a large sheet of fibreglass and foam sandwich and delivered to the owners factory unit using a forklift and an 18 seater minibus.

About half a tonne of liquid foam was poured to make the base and at least a tonne of fibreglass will be used to cover and seal the board. Costing about $35,000, the foam and fibreglass creation is so large it will have to be launched like a boat and will carry an outboard motor and its own sea anchor.

The board has been nicknamed Nev after it’s creator, board shaper and exporter Nev Hyman, who set a world record when he put nine people on a surfboard eight years ago.

The surfboard, designed to carry more than 40 Passengers was constructed in Australia’s gold coast and was designed to smash two world records. One of which was set by a team from Cornwall in the UK which carried 14 passengers.

“”People will think I’m mad but that’s okay. I hope I haven’t overstepped the mark in a very big way.”” Nev Hyman said.

The board will also claim the world record as the longest surfboard ever constructed, beating the 11-metre Cornwall Malibu and a New Zealand model which carried 13 people.

The monster board is an exact duplicate of a 5’11″” (180.5cm) model ridden by Byron Bay world championship surfer Danny Wills. Using a computer modelling program Mr Hyman increased the size of the original board more than six times.

The board will be launched at the Quiksilver Pro World Championship Tour event on Gold Coast early next month.

For the world record an outboard motor will be fixed to the stern to power it through the surf before it is removed and the board is towed into a wave.

“”It should be entertaining,”” said Mr Hyman.

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