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Lamilux Release New Anti Slip Composite Material for Logistics and Transport Sectors

  • Tuesday, 9th August 2011
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Lamilux has created Anti Slip, a composite material manufactured in a continuous, reproducible production process.

Lamilux is designed with physical and mechanical properties such as low specific weight and excellent rigidity with a highly beneficial, uniformly distributed product characteristic and anti-slip capability. They explain that a layer of quartz sand or granite granulate is applied to the surface of the resin and glass fibre composite material during the lamination process, ensuring the product achieves top marks with regard to its anti-slip properties when tested in accordance with DIN 51130. The coating can be adjusted to achieve an anti-slip rating of up to R13. Lamilux Anti-Slip has been designed to be particularly suitable for use as a coating on floors in the logistics and transport sectors, where merchandise and industrial goods need to be reliably secured against slipping.

Lamilux explain that the continuous manufacturing process can vary the anti-slip texture to ensure the coating suits customer requirements and its specific future use. The texture is regulated by changing the size, type (quartz sand, granite granulate, plastic chips) and quantity of grains worked into the material. Due to its preset automated production line and aggregate surface coat application during the material production process, Lamilux Anti Slip can be customised as its anti-slip qualities can be tailored for its intended use.

“The unique selling point of Lamilux Anti Slip is its long service life,” states Dr. Gerd Puchta, Head of Research and Development at the Lamilux plan Fibre-Reinforced Plastics Division. “Firstly, the material is extremely robust thanks to the solid bond between its basic components – solvent free, high-performance polymer and glass fibre – while also proving highly resistant against corrosion and frost. The grains in the anti-slip coating hardly erode, even when exposed to wear long-term. This is because the grains are spread over the material at a very early stage of the continuous manufacturing process, before the product is hardened. As a result, the grains can sink into the surface while it is still liquid and thus become almost completely enclosed in the resin. Consequently, the grains and the top layer of resin are permanently bonded into a compact, durable laminate.”

Lamilux Anti Slip provides a lighter flooring structure, enhanced stability and more effective anti-slip properties. Puchta explains, “When manufactured with optional multi-axial fibre reinforcement, this composite material develops exceptional tensile strength. When featured as a top layer in any kind of sandwich construction, it offers excellent stabilizing properties, even in extremely thin layers.”

“In Lamilux Anti Slip we have developed a ready-to-use product, a versatile construction material that can be processed very easily”, Stefan Bachstein, Technical Director, adds. “Customers purchase a completed solution, designed to their specifications, which is delivered as bulk stock on rolls of the required width (up to 3.20 m). Just trim to the right length, glue down with a standard PU adhesive – and you’re all set!”

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