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KUKA Robotics Develop First CFRP Robot

  • Friday, 18th February 2005
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The KUKA Robotics Corportation have developed a new KR 100-2 PA Palletizing Robot made from carbon fibre.

KUKA Robotics Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial robots, boast that the newly available KUKA’s KR 180 PA robot is “the only robot made in part from state-of-the-art carbon fibre composite materials”.

The company commented that the composite material makes the robot arm lighter, faster and less expensive, and ultimately increases the customer’s throughput. Specifically designed for high-speed, medium-payload palletizing/handling tasks up to 100 kg, the robot’s small footprint and highest vertical reach gives customers added flexibility in a minimum space requirement.

“”Our customers were demanding shorter cycle times for their lighter payload palletizing applications,”” said Joe Campbell, director of strategic alliances for KUKA Robotics Corporation. “”The KR 100-2 PA robot delivers increased throughput with its improved speed and the most efficient work envelope available.””

“”Manufacturer’s customers continue to develop innovative packaging for their customers and so, must produce products in new shapes, materials and sizes. We have to keep up with that demand for flexibility by offering the right palletizing solution for each project,”” said Salh Khan, president of AIDCO International a system partner of KUKA Robotics Corporation. “”We believe the KUKA KR 100-2 PA(tm) robot will be the robot of choice for mid-sized palletizing applications.””

The KUKA KR 100-2 PA four-axis robot’s third axis linkage is made of carbon fibre which makes the robot light without sacrificing high stiffness. This allows it to stack loads weighing up to 100 kg to heights of up to 3000 mm, at rates as high as 600 palletizing cycles per hour.

The robot is programmed using KUKA’s PalletTech palletizing software (PalletTech Layout) which is included with the robot. Kuka said that this custom-tailored application software makes it easier to carry out programming on a conventional PC and calculate ideal pallet structure.

KUKA Robotics Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial robots, with an annual production volume approaching 10,000 units, and an installed base of over 60,000 units.

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