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Kordsa: ‘Inspired from Life, We Reinforce Life’

  • Tuesday, 30th July 2019
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Real life stories of Kordsa employees are the inspiration behind the second phase of ‘Inspired from Life, We Reinforce Life’ campaign that Kordsa kicked off on January 2019. 

In this phase of the campaign, emphasising how the company inspires from the happy, safe and peaceful moments of life, Kordsa employees told their own source of inspiration. 

Developing technologies to protect and enrich happy moments in life, Kordsa kicked off its campaign ‘Inspired from Life, We Reinforce Life’ in January 2019. The first phase of the campaign aimed to explain how Kordsa reinforce its existing lines of business with inspiration from life and how they strive to make those moments last longer.

In the second phase of the campaign, the real-life stories of Kordsa employees are told. In videos, Kordsa employees share their hobbies, the most peaceful moments they experience, the activities they refresh themselves with. In other words, the moments that inspire them and how they reflect this inspiration in their work. 

Each video, reflecting different perspectives of employees, focus on a different subject in Kordsa culture. For instance, an employee who likes exploring new places by bike experiences the importance of lightness and durability and transfers this information to develop composites technologies at Kordsa. Another employee who loves nature and camping is inspired by the uniqueness of the nature to prioritise durability in Kordsa’s reinforcement technologies. Yet another employee adopts the teamwork spirit built during his sailing experiences to his work at Kordsa.

Some of the real stories were featured in the campaign and all stories are continued to be shared on the campaign-specific web page.

Image provided by Kordsa

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