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KMT Robotic Solutions Shows New RoboTrim RT-1900 Routing System

  • Wednesday, 24th October 2007
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

KMT Robotic Solutions showed its new RoboTrim RT-1900 robotic router trimming system at the ACMA Composites and Polycon Show.

“The RT-1900 is our largest standard machine yet for high throughput automated trimming of plastics and composites,” said Routing Systems Sales Manager Paul Schuch. “It compliments our other standard trimming solutions.”

The RT-1900 standard model features an inverted, rail-mounted KMT AccuTrim R-110 robot inside a steel enclosure with side access door and safety interlocks. The rail provides the robot with the ability to move up to 4.5 meters. The system’s two-sided 19-foot rotating servo table can support up to 700 pounds on each side and accommodate part sizes up to 13 feet long and 5 feet wide. The two position table allows for higher throughput by giving operators the ability to load or unload parts on the outside of the cell while the robot is trimming on the inside. The RT-1900’s ergonomic design keeps the Cycle Start, Emergency Stop and other operator controls within easy reach, while the system’s light curtains and other standard safety features keep the operator out of harm’s way.

The RT-1900 system can be customized to meet manufacturer’s unique needs. A variety of spindle sizes (up to 10hp) and options (automatic tool change, single and double-ended) are available to ensure the desired cut quality and cycle time. KMT’s RouterVac vacuum system hold parts securely to the fixture and removes chips from the trimming area. Optional software packages like KMT’s System Calibration Tools enable users to quickly and accurately achieve process repeatability, while KMT/FANUC TrimPro software allows users to program the robots while the system is in production and optimize cycle time by creating simulated work cells. Customers can also take advantage of KMT’s programming assistance, training classes and in-house fixture department.

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