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KlipTech to Develop E-Friendly Composites

  • Friday, 12th November 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Kliptech Composites and Paneltech International have have formed an alliance to research and develop more environmentally friendly composites.

KlipTech Composites, the Puyallup-based manufacturer of PaperStone, sleek, resilient, “”green”” countertops, is strengthening its focus on the green building market by forming an alliance with Paneltech International LLC to focus on the development and production of economical, more environmentally friendly composites.

“”Our shared vision is to make the most environmentally friendly resin and paper composites on the planet,”” said Joel Klippert, founder of KlipTech. Our alliance with Paneltech delivers the technology and tools we need to set the new industry benchmark.””

The vertical integration, made possible by the KlipTech/Paneltech alliance, marks a radical departure from the manner in which paper-resin composites have traditionally been made. Instead of buying paper, resins and chemicals from separate vendors, this partnership will facilitate an integrated, customer-focused operation with most of the fabrication under one roof.

A superior laboratory research team, lead by internationally recognized resin expert, Krishan Sudan, is but one hallmark of Paneltech’s success in the forest products industry.

“”We have designed our product development and production processes to be clean, green and economical at comparatively low production volumes,”” said Roy Nott, president of Paneltech. “”Our nimble production facilities, integrated resin plant and in-house lab should give us, and KlipTech, a competitive edge in the specialized green building space.””

As green building practices inch further into the mainstream market and architects strive for LEED certification, PaperStone has become KlipTech’s signature and fastest growing counter top product. With a surface that is smooth to the touch and resembles soapstone or slate, PaperStone is made of a composite of at least 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper and a resin compound. Its natural and contemporary appearance has captured the attention of designers and builders interested in style and durability, as well as sustainability.

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