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KFGI Awarded Patent For Non-Metallic Conveyors

  • Monday, 14th July 2003
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Kalm-Forsythe Global Innovations, (KFGI), the manufacturer of non-metallic ‘RFID-friendly’ conveyors, was issued a patent directed towards the use of non-metallic materials in conveyor systems, including fast-growing radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications.

The company also announced it will expand product sizes offered for its RCS-6689 non-metallic conveyors to accommodate the growing demand for RFID installations. The United States Patent Office awarded Patent No. 6,581,759 to KFGI after many years of developing non-metallic composite materials for specific material handling applications. The patent is directed towards the use of non-metallic materials in conveyor systems that possess physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those experienced with structural metals. The company produces RCS-6689 non-metallic conveyors that are used at major airports throughout the United States and Canada. The RCS-6689 is made from Brandonite high-performance composite polymers and is certified for RFID use due to its superior performance for durability, strength, attenuation and reflectivity.

“This is great news for our customers since the patent precludes others from making non-metallic conveyors or shortened non-metallic sections that may not hold up to the stringent performance requirements for RFID material handling applications”, said Carl W. Forsythe, CEO of KFGI. “As a result, our customers will now have the peace-of-mind in knowing that any RFID conveyor using non-metallic structural parts, slider beds and components will be tested, manufactured or licensed by KFGI.”

The company also announced that it is expanding the range of conveyor sizes to meet increased customer demand for shorter and more compact conveyor sections. Beginning on July 15, KFGI will offer RCS-6689 in 20-inch sections ranging from 20-inches to 120-inches. Customers will also be able to choose from slider-bed widths of 37-inches or 39-inches. “KFGI is committed to remain at the forefront of developing non-metallic solutions for material handling manufacturers and integrators”, said John Boodée, SVP-Material Handling Division. “We are particularly excited about offering our patented material and design technology to companies installing RFID applications.” he added.

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