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Ju Teng and RocTool Sign New Production License Agreements

  • Tuesday, 1st July 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

RocTool and Ju Teng International have signed a license agreement for two new production licenses.

According to RocTool, after significant investments in 2013 for setting up their new composite factory, Ju Teng purchased two new 3iTech production licenses, one for the manufacturing of touch tablet parts and the other for laptop/notebook manufacturing.

After signing the first license agreement with RocTool for smartphones, RocTool explains that Ju Teng acquired two new licenses for their main markets, offering innovative solutions to electronic manufacturers such as increasing manufacturing speed and product’s surface quality and decreasing products thickness as well as weight.

With the signing of these two new agreements, RocTool and Ju Teng state their growth targets in  the key markets of tablets and notebook/laptops, of which the number of units manufactured is expected o exceed 470 million in 2014 (source: Canalys).

The two companies confirm their engagement towards medium-long term cooperation in the fast growing electronic market. Li-Yu Cheng, Ju Teng International CEO “Given our investments in 2012 and 2013 with RocTool technologies for our new manufacturing facility and the first successful manufacturing of smartphone components, it was important and straightforward for us to engage further with RocTool for tablets and laptop applications so as to offer to our clients these technologies on all of our priority markets, not only for composite parts but also for plastic injection.

Alexandre Guichard, RocTool CEO “Ju Teng is a strategic partner for RocTool henceforth: our first client in Asia and the first investing massively in our technologies. Ju Teng is becoming a major player in the 3C markets and is showing the way with RocTool, in particular for the manufacturing of composite covers. Ju Teng’s growth is impressive and they are gaining market share with the leading world players. These latest agreements will allow us to establish our technologies on the new generations of tablets and laptops.”

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