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JISSE-8 Review: “Expanded Horizon in Advanced Materials and Processing”

  • Thursday, 4th December 2003
  • Reading time: about 6 minutes

By Dr. Scott W. Beckwith, SAMPE International Technical Director

The SAMPE Japan Chapter has done it again. Ever two years they seem to outdo themselves in organizing an excellent technical symposium covering M&P technology advances not only in the Pacific Rim but also international representations from the other continents.

The 8th Japan International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, commonly referred to as JISSE-8, was held in the large Tokyo Big Sight conference and exhibition center. JISSE-8, held near downtown Tokyo November 18-21, 2003, provided a considerable show of technology for attendees.

JISSE-7, held in November 2001, had 234 technical papers that were presented and contained in a single volume Proceedings. However, the strength and depth of the JISSE-8 technical program is evidenced by the fact there were 329 technical papers (a 40 percent increase) and the resultant Proceedings expanded to a 2-volume hardbound set. Considering that the SAMPE Long Beach Symposia usually contains somewhere in the 200-250 technical paper range, this is a significant program growth for our SAMPE Japan colleagues. It should also be noted that the quality of the technical papers did not suffer because the quantity count was high. The Organizing Committee conducted peer reviews on the majority of the submitted papers.

The Committee set up JISSE-8 so that there were seven key Plenary Lectures that focused on technology across a number of current topics of interest and growth segments within technology arenas. Plenary Lectures set the stage by providing an excellent overview of past, present and future technology in specific areas. In fact, the SAMPE 2004 Committee for next year’s 60th Anniversary Symposium will also be doing Plenary Lectures in those areas that are the “hot topics” of technology. The Utah SAMPE Chapter thinks that SAMPE Japan had the right idea – although this is not the first time their programs have incorporated plenary talks directly into the program. The key Plenary Lecturers were:

• Engineering Materials to Engineered Materials, Dr. Robert Sierakowski, Air Force Research Laboratory
• Advanced Structure Technologies for A380 and Beyond, Jörg Kumpfert, Airbus Industries
• Boeing’s 7E7: advanced Technology for Industry Value, Mark Jenks, The Boeing Company
• High Power Piezoelectric Transformers: Their Applications to Smart Actuator Systems, Prof. Kenji Uchino, The Pennsylvania State University
• Processing and Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites, Prof. Yiu-Wing Mai, University of Sydney
• New Trends in Research and Development of Polymer Composites in Europe, Prof. A.K. Schalarb, University of Kaiserslautern
• Mass Production of Carbon Nanotube and Applications to Polymer Nanocomposites, Prof. Morinobu Endo, Shinshu University

The Committee also organized Special Sessions to focus on future directions of research and development during the early portion of the technical program before moving on to two other Session categories. The Special Sessions started with an interactive panel entitled Market Trend with the topic “Innovative Market Development for Future Advanced Composites”. This panel was organized by Nobuhide Teranishi (N.T. ADCO) and Kenji Iizuka (Iizuka TechnoSystems) and covered both technical and business areas associated with current technology thrusts. Dr. Susumu Sasaki, Mitsubishi Rayon presented “The Outlook for the Carbon Fiber Market” as one of the panelists. “Composite Opportunities: Carbon Fiber in the U.S. Infrastructure, An Editor’s Eye View” was presented by Steve Loud, Composites Worldwide Inc. Prof. Ignaas Verpoest, Katholieke University-Lueben, was the third panelist and his presentation was entitled “European Composites on Tour”. The fourth panelist, Dr. Scott Beckwith, BTG Composites, was not able to attend to present “Composites Market: Processing Advances Mean Product Improvement and Opportunities.”

After the Market Trend Panel, the other focus area sessions were held: Nanotechnology, Natural Materials and Ecomaterials, Smart Structures and Materials, Thermoplastics and International University Research Collaboration. Roughly a third of the JISSE-8 focus was contained in the 107 technical papers within these Special Sessions. There was a particularly heavy concentration of excellent papers in the Thermoplastics and Smart Structures/Materials technology area. A number of the thermoplastic papers indicated the recent developments of many new matrix materials along with the resultant process development for upcoming applications in several markets. Much of the smart structure work discussed new approaches for detecting delaminations, impact damage, fatigue damage and characterizing mechanical properties in situ for carbon fiber polymeric matrix composites.

The second focus group of papers were contained in the General Session that included 14 overall session topics: Metals and MMC, C/C, CMC’s and Ceramics, Resins and Reinforcements, Advanced Prepreg Materials, Filament Winding Fabrication, New Fabrication Technology for CFRP, Measurement and NDI, Film and Coatings, Traditional Industry and Textile, Application to Biotechnology, Infrastructure Applications, Aerospace and Marine Structure Composite Applications, Automobile and Transportation Applications, Sports Equipment Application and Energy. JISSE-8 concentrated on fabrication technology in a number of papers and sessions because of the high interest and importance of this technology to advanced materials applications.

The “applications” papers in the Biotechnology, Infrastructure, Aerospace and Marine, Automobile and Transportation, Sports Equipment and Energy sessions were very interesting and provided an excellent insight into current technology applications with advanced materials and processing methods. The Infrastructure papers reflect the continued influence that Japan has had on the use of advanced materials technology (namely carbon fiber polymeric matrix materials) in repair and strengthening applications to building, construction and highway structures. The Aerospace papers again indicate the active participation of Japanese researchers, engineers and scientists in working toward significant advances in materials, design and manufacturing of commercial and business aircraft structures. A large number of companies and universities appear to be very active in supporting the growth and near term application in upcoming production programs.

As a new feature, the Recent Advancements and Research Trends Session and a corresponding Poster Session, were added to this year’s JISSE-8. The first session included several main technological topics on advancements in materials research and applications: Durability and Reliability under Severe Environments, Mechanics, Finite Element Modeling (FEM), Adhesion, Fabrication and Interfaces. The Poster Session was organized this year in order to allow for the most updated discussion of current research topics. This year’s JISSE also initiated awards in two categories for participants: Excellent Technical Paper Award and Excellent Poster Award.

JISSE-8 also offered two technology Tutorials on the last day. Steve Loud, Composites Worldwide and SAMPE Fellow, provided a half-day tutorial on “Composites Opportunity: Carbon Fiber in the Scope of the Cosmos.” The second tutorial, “Liquid Molding and Resin Infusion Processing Technology: Overview and Advances”, by Dr. Scott Beckwith, BTG Composites and SAMPE Fellow, was not given because of the emergency noted earlier but was provided to the attendees in the full CD-ROM form.

The JISSE-8 symposium this year was supported by a number of organizations: The Business and Technology Daily News, Shonan Institute of Technology, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AFOSR/AOARD) and the Army research Office-Far East (ARO-FE).

The JISSE-8 Proceedings, Volumes 1 and 2, “Expanded Horizon in Advanced Materials and Processing”, November 18-21, 2004, is Edited by N. Takeda, H. Hamada, S. Ogihara and A. Nakai. Copies are available through the SAMPE Japan Office

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