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Jetcam helps Compsys gain a competitive edge

  • Friday, 26th March 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Compsys have improved their nesting efficiency by 15% by using Jetcam in their Prisma perform manufacturing business.

Founded in 1992, initially they were running two Eastman knife cutters with nesting software supplied with the machines. However they were achieving better nesting efficiency through manually created nests. In 2007 they decided to evaluate alternative solutions.

Scott Lewit, President said; “We considered upgrading the existing software and also looked at two others, one of which was Jetcam. In benchmarks Jetcam was up to 15% more efficient than the nearest competitors. We could also standardize on a single CAM system to drive both knife and routing cutting technologies.”

The decision was made to select Jetcam Expert with High Performance Nesting, supplied by US distributor NestOne Solutions in December 2007 with a view to integrating into Compsys’ in-house orders database. Engineers were trained and Scott noted that the learning curve was short; “Jetcam is easy to use and quick to learn. With NestOne we’ve had great technical support and training – we always have help if we need it. ”

Once they started using the system Compsys saw a number of immediate improvements. Scott said; “We saw an improvement in material yield of up to 15%. This was helped by the ability to specify ‘filler parts’; items that we regularly make can be specified to fill empty areas on a nest to maximize material efficiency. Also, Jetcam’s ability to automatically select the best sheet or roll for the job in hand is a good feature.”

Through a combination of Jetcam’s ability to automatically import and apply cutting information to entire directories of CAD files, and reliable, optimised nests produced without programmer intervention, overall programming time was reduced by 70% and the company could rely on efficient and dynamically created nests.

Despite the economic downturn Compsys estimate that Jetcam paid for itself within 6-9 months, due to the savings made through reduced programming time and material waste reduction, and the company has no plans to stop there. Scott finalized; “Jetcam delivered what they told us it would. We want to further drive lean using Jetcam. We are working now at more closely integrating Jetcam with our central order and manufacturing databases. It will eventually become part of a fully automated production scheduling module that is currently in development.”

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