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JEC World Preview: Composites Innovations and End-User Planets

JEC World Preview: Composites Innovations and End-User Planets

  • Tuesday, 1st March 2016
  • Reading time: about 8 minutes

JEC World will take place from 8th – 10th March 2016, in a 62,000 sqm exhibit space within Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, France.

JEC explains that it will reward 28 champions of composite materials within the frame of the JEC Innovation Awards program. The jury has selected the best composite innovations among more than 100 applications. “The choices that had to be made to reward the best projects were only rendered more difficult by the incredible quantity and diversity of projects presented this year, but more importantly by their impressive quality!” says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.

According to JEC, the selection is based on the technical interest, market potential, partnerships, financial & environmental impact and originality. “With categories ranging from raw materials to processes, to applications in various fields such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Goods and Better Living, the winning projects offer a complete overview of the composites value chain. They originate from Europe, America and Asia, demonstrating the international added value of the program,” Mutel adds. “Mobility and sustainability are main recurring themes in this edition, with automotive, public transportation and greener processes and materials being focused on.”

The JEC Innovation Awards ceremony will highlight 28 innovators on stage and will take place on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 5pm during the exhibition.All exhibitors and visitors are welcome to attend the ceremony.

The JEC Innovation Awards Program is sponsored by Solvay and supported by JEC Composites Magazine, Aviation Week and Innovation Review.

The 28 Champions of Composites Materials Receiving a JEC Innovation Award are as follows:

  • THERMOSET RESINS – Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) Structural epoxy parts with autoclave quality in less than 1 minute.
  • TECHNICAL TEXTILES – Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology (KCTECH) (Republic of Korea) Tailored non-crimp fibre technology for cost-saving, high-efficiency manufacturing of tailgate components.
  • PULTRUSION – Thomas Technik + Innovation (Germany) Large-scale production of fibre-reinforced profiles with variable Radius-Pultrusion RTM – KTM Technologies (Austria) CAVUS technology: producing a complex hollow composite structure using a high-volume production process.
  • TESTING – Textechno Herbert Stein (Germany) New testing system to assess the properties of the fibre-matrix interface.
  • RECYCLING – BMW AG (Germany) Centre console carrier produced from polyamide with a secondary carbon fibre reinforcement using injection moulding technology.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Solutions Composites (France) High-tech system made of high-performance composite profiles for walls and facades.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE 1/2 – ACCIONA Infrastructures (Spain) All-composite “lighthouse” marine navigation aid.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE 2/2 – Exel Composites (Finland) Frangible carbon composite glide path tower for instrumental landing system.
  • FINISHING WORK – Composyst (Germany) LACE – Lightweight All Composite Elevator.
  • HELICOPTERS – Qpoint Composite (Germany) LEEToRB – A lightweight, energy efficient tooling for rotor blade manufacturing.
  • SPACE – Sonaca (Belgium), Bally Ribbon Mills (US) Interstage CFRP ring for new-generation launchers using a 3D orthogonal weaved preform.
  • AERONAUTICS – Premium AEROTEC (Germany) Innovative 3D net-shape layup process for the manufacture of aircraft CFRP door frame structures.
  • URBAN TRANSPORTATION – Nanotechnology Center of Composites (Russian Federation) Modular, self-supporting, full composite bus body.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: EXTERIOR PARTS 1/2 – Faurecia Automotive Exteriors (France) Composite one shot for visible parts.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: EXTERIOR PARTS 2/2 – Continental Structural Plastics (US) Cost-competitive, lightweight decklid concept.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: INTERIOR PARTS – Automobili Lamborghini (Italy) Combination of C-SMC and patented application to Automotive A-class components.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: STRUCTURAL PARTS – SOLVAY (France) Structural module in thermoplastic composites for trucks.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: BODY IN WHITE – Audi AG (Germany) ultra-RTM: a cost-effective manufacturing technology for high-performance thermoset fibre composites.
  • MEDICAL – Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe Kaiserslautern (Germany) A carbon-fibre vascular clip to eliminate artefacts in brain surgery.
  • BETTER LIVING – UCHIDA (Japan) Lightweight composite bipedal walker.
  • SPORTS & LEISURE – EireComposites (Ireland) Cantilevered saddle tree: combining a lightweight thermoplastic composite material with an innovative design.
  • CONSUMER GOODS – Nestlé Nespresso S.A. (Switzerland) Overmoulded thermoplastic composite decorated panel for a coffee machine.
  • LUXURY – North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) (Switzerland), Richard Mille (Switzerland) Development of unique thin ply quartz composite watch case for Richard Mille timepiece.
  • JEC COMPOSITES MAGAZINE SPECIAL PRIZE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (US) Big Area Additive Manufacturing technology: a new platform for additive manufacturing of polymer and composite structures.
  • LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – M. Sung Ha, Professor, Hanyang University (Korea) Hanyang University.

For the first time, JEC group will launch its four “Planets” at JEC World, dedicated to Automotive, Aeronautics, Sports and Sustainability. Innovative parts and solutions will be displayed in these areas showcasing what composites have to offer to these specific industries. The companies that are exhibiting their Innovations on the planets will also present their products, which will favour networking in these areas.

“JEC World is now targeting end-users. They are the decisive customers. To these non-specialists, the composites concept may seem abstract and our challenge is to make composites understandable. A more accessible presentation of what can be done with composites will be presented during JEC World 2016. It will enable any professional looking for eco-friendly products to compare and adopt composites solutions. We wish to show the final market the composites innovations that bring disruptive changes in design and usage.” says Mutel.

The AUTO Planet will highlight the change the sector is experiencing in terms of materials, thanks to composites. Sponsored by Hexion, this 500+ sqm area covers all the sub-segments of automotive production, including body-in-white, roof, hood & bonnet, doors & other exterior parts, suspension, interior, under-the-hood applications (including the engine), and wheels. It will feature products like a Lamborghini Spyder Huracán, a 3D-printed Cobra Shelby, and a Roding electric car; and also serial production parts and more from the new Audi R8, the Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI Ultra, the BMW 7 Series, the BMW i8, the BMW M3, the BMW M4, Chrysler models, the Ford Lincoln MKS, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Porsche 911 GT3, and the MercedesBenz Unimog & Sprinter. In addition to material and technology suppliers, Lamborghini will be present as an OEM and Faurecia and Mecaplast, as Tier One suppliers. RTM, HP-RTM, liquid composite moulding (LCM), overmoulded organosheet, compression moulding, pultrusion and 3Dprinting technologies will be showcased through parts and demonstrators.

The AERO Planet will showcase how the aerospace sector continues to innovate, especially in automation and thermoplastics. The AERO Planet will feature products from or for AgustaWestland, Airbus, ATR Group, Fokker, Grob Aircraft, Premium AEROTEC and Sonaca, among others. The area will cover a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from a complete aircraft (the Red Bird) to 3D printed parts for satellites; a long-haul aircraft door made in a one-shot process; a door frame for the A350-1000; a fuel tank and thermoplastic horizontal tail for a helicopter; a wing for the Airbus E-Fan electric aircraft; a plane tail; an interstage CFRP ring made of 3D orthogonal woven preforms and injected by RTM process for future launchers; a frangible carbon composite glide path tower; and new panel demonstrators that include an isogrid structure and engine parts.

The SPORTS Planet covers more than 800 sqm. JEC says that the sports sector may have a lower growth rate, but it is quite extraordinary in terms of innovation and variety of applications. Famous sport brand names will be there through their products: Bauer, Brabo, Canyon, Felt, Head, Prince, Look Cycle, Orbea, Rolo, Salomon, Specialised, Time, Wime, Zodiac Nautic, etc. The SPORTS Planet will also showcase luxury sport watches and mechanisms made of carbon fibre. The area will be subdivided into 4 zones – Land, Mountain, On Wheels, and Water – featuring a huge number of dedicated items for all kinds of sports: bicycles, boats, electric bicycles, golf club, hockey stick, leisure boats, paddle, pirogue, skateboards, skis, snowboards, surfboards, table tennis racquet, tennis racquet, windsurf boards, and more.

The SUSTAINABLE Planet follows the topic ‘Economic growth in a sustainable way’. Topics covered include recycling, energy production and storage, water management, building and infrastructure in terms of durability or repair, oil & gas in terms of safety or lower environmental impact, and energy efficient machinery and equipment. BMW will present a centre console carrier made of recycled carbon fibre for its Mini Clubman vehicle. The Russian Nanotechnology Centre of Composites (NCC) will present a fully electric composite bus using a modular system. An entirely pultruded bus side panel will also be showcased. Waste-water and drinking-water management will be highlighted through a tank and a relining system for drinking water pipes, and the oil & gas sector will be represented by a part for the Mafumeira project. For the building and construction sector, a new pre-built wall system, bridge panels, cladding, window and door systems, and an all-composite elevator will be showcased. There will also be solutions for machines to illustrate the low-weight and fatigue- and corrosion-resistance properties of composites. Several innovative demonstrators will be showcased. Naturally, plant fibres will be featured in furniture and audio equipment.

Image provided by JEC

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