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JEC Preview of New Composite Developments

  • Friday, 26th March 2004
  • Reading time: about 7 minutes

With the forthcoming JEC exhibition in Paris only a few days away, we give a brief over view of just some of the exciting developments being exhibited.

Gurit Suprem Will Showcase the Newly Acquired Plytron Fibre
Stand G30/J27
SP’s product portfolio is continuing to expand, and JEC will see the launch of SP’s all new tooling range and enhanced adhesive products, including polyester adhesives previously supplied by ATC.
Stesalit will continue to focus on the promotion of its specialised range of prepregs for aircraft and space vehicles. Details on a unique range of flame retardant, low smoke and heat release prepregs, developed specifically for the rail industry, will also be available.
IMS will launch a new fast reacting epoxy called H0.11. This formulation reacts at an impressive rate of 3 to 5 minutes at 130C, successfully reducing process times across a range of industries including the winter sports market.
Gurit Suprem will showcase the newly acquired Plytron, a glass fibre, polypropylene, continuous unidirectional reinforced thermoplastic. Plytron is suitable for use with a range of processing techniques, such as continuous compression moulding, vacuum, hydro or diaphragm forming, and winding. Used in the automotive industry for components such as floor panels, pipe reinforcement and bumper beams, it is also suitable for housing appliances and offshore structures.

Strippable, Hot-Bendable Sheets from Bretagne Composite
Stand J80
At the Bretagne Composite stand, visitors will be able to discover new polyester/PMMA and carbon/PMMA sheets. Bretagne Composite, the only European producer of PMMA (a thermoplastic acrylic) reinforced with polyester fabric, has developed a new range of flat polyester/PMMA sheets in standard thicknesses of 0.4 to 16 mm. A special feature of the sheets is that they remain strippable, which makes it possible to adjust the thickness where needed. This feature also makes the sheets particularly suited to meet surface-finish requirements, for example those for PMMA window frames.

Johns Manville is exhibiting MultiStar
Stand N18/P27
Johns Manville will be showing a range of new products, including MultiStar 819, an assembled gun roving with improved mechanical properties. Applications can be found in the sanitary-, transport- and container industries.
They will also be showing StarRov 076, a direct roving with significantly improved unwinding properties qualified for multi-axials and used in wind energy, transport and marine and boat building industry, as well as Thermoflow, innovative chopped strands meeting customers requirements of reduced fines, better strand integrity and bulk density resulting in higher productivity in our customers’ process. The main application field is the automotive industry. Sliver and Yarns for textile applications and high performance glass nonwoven products round out the product program from Johns Manville at this trade show

DIAB Shows Extensive Foam Range
Stand H24/J35
DIAB will be demonstrating how its extensive range of foam and balsa sandwich core materials are used to reduce weight and increase strength in marine, wind energy, public transportation and aerospace applications. Another highlight of the company’s stand will be daily demonstrations of the DIAB Core Infusion Method. With DIAB Core Infusion Method a specially grooved core not only enhances the structural performance of the composite component but also acts as the resin transfer medium. By eliminating the requirement for sacrificial resin distribution materials the cost of consumables is significantly reduced as is component lay-up time. Another section of the DIAB stand will demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved by using core kits instead of just sheets. DIAB pioneered the core kit concept more than two decades ago and now offers an unrivalled level of world-wide service and support.

BYK Chemie’s New Additives for SMC Systems
Stand F54/G53
The BYK-P 9055 additive for SMC formulations on display at the BYK Chemie stand prevents floating of hollow microspheres (even over a long storage time), settling of standard fillers, separation of pre-mixed pigment or thickening paste mixtures during production processes, and separation and settling of paste mixtures during pultrusion processes. Another new feature at the stand is BYK-LP-W 20476, a liquid processing additive designed for Low Profile SMC and Class A SMC systems that improves homogeneity and processability. The additive stabilises the compound to improve flow behaviour and mould-release properties, resulting in improved surface quality of the moulded part, bondability and paint adhesion.

Bally Ribbon Mills Develops 3-D Preform to Eliminate Hand Lay-Up
Stand C82
Bally Ribbon Mills’ new 3-D isotropically woven preforms (0°, 90°, ±45°) and isotropically woven near-net-shape preforms will be introduced to the general public for the first time at the JEC 2004 show. This technique makes it possible to eliminate hand lay-up, since the +/-45 degree fibre orientation is inside the 3-D woven preform and not on the outer layers. A number of applications are already available, such as 3-D joints for aircraft fuselage.

Man Technologie Introduces High-Performance Pressure Vessel
Stand C78/ D79
German company Man Technologie will introduce a new composite booster case at the JEC 2004 show. The large, thick-walled, and high-performance pressure vessel is manufactured using a new injection technology and new NCF preforms. It is made using lay-up of dry non-crimp fabrics on a central mandrel (cylindrical preform), followed by resin injection under vacuum and curing in a common furnace at ambient pressure. This new, semi-automated process lowers manufacturing costs for large composite parts. Besides aeronautical applications, it is intended for the automotive, railway, wind-energy, boat-building and construction sectors, among others.

Just In Time Production of Carbon-Fibre Components
Stand H43
CrossLink Faserverbundtechnik has successfully integrated a carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic component into the complex logistics concept for mass production for the first time, thereby meeting the demands of “”just in time”” delivery. The company, which manufactures extremely lightweight, high-strength products, offers a complete manufacturing chain from the first draft all the way to mass production.

New Continuous Compression Moulding Machine from ACM
Stand L60
The new, fully automated press presented by ACM is equipped with a pre-pressing unit that offers new opportunities to adjust process parameters to sensitive materials such as PP and PEEK. The pressing force can be adjusted to all kinds of reinforcements to manufacture optimized semi-finished products.
Although the continuous compression moulding technique is best suited for the production of thermoplastic composites, the new pre-pressing unit makes it possible to increase the process speed and to define new process parameters, even for the materials considered as “”hard to produce””. Even sensitive materials can be preheated and prepressed to define new and optimized impregnation and consolidation parameters. Initially installed at the Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH Kaiserslautern for a test phase, the press will be used in co-operation with IVW`s customers to develop new materials such as new organic sheets and new processing techniques.

Phoenixx displays Thermo-Lite
Stand A46/C57
Phoenixx TPC will be displaying its Thermo-Lite(TM) high performance thermoplastic prepreg tapes and materials. They will also be displaying other continuous ribbons, moulding compounds, & pultruded profiles; particularly in the areas of PPS, PEI/Ultem and PEEK resin systems. Phoenixx also supplies thermoplastic prepreg materials using a variety of other thermoplastic resin systems, including PA, PFA, Cyclic PBT, PMMA, PP, & HDPE resin systems, among others.

Schappe Technique Launches a New Multiaxial Carbon Fabric
Stand K38/L37
Schappe Techniques is proposing its new multiaxial fabric, MAC102, specifically for the aeronautical, automotive, space, and energy markets. The non-crimp multiaxial fabric is made from unidirectional cracked-carbon-fibre tapes that are placed in plies in preferred orientations and held in place with binder thread. The fabric gives improved drapability and also improved isotropy, since part of the carbon fibres are certain to be oriented in the “Z” direction after the needle-bonding process. Other advantages are a smooth surface for the finished parts and, in the case of carbon/carbon composites, a more efficient carbonizing process. Some of the applications for the fabric are clutch discs, brakes, and other high-temperature applications for carbon/carbon, but also structural parts, in particular in the automotive industry (carbon/thermoset resin).

NetComposites Shows Novel Thermoplastic Composite Parts
Stand F61
Alongside its unique composites bookstore and information services, NetComposites will be showing some of the demonstrator components made as part of its development activities, including self-reinforced polypropylene and glass/PET parts. NetComposites has recently opened a new development centre, giving the company the capability of producing a wide range of prototype and development thermoplastic and thermoset parts.

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