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JEC Innovation Award Presented to North Thin Ply Technology Supported by Huntsman Advanced Materials

JEC Innovation Award Presented to North Thin Ply Technology Supported by Huntsman Advanced Materials

  • Tuesday, 25th February 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Huntsman Advanced Materials is joining North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) as they celebrate winning the JEC Europe 2014 Innovation Award in the Marine category.

The award was for the manufacture and use of ultra-thin prepregs in ultra-light C-Class racing yacht designs.

Recognising the high levels of skill, quality and expertise that have gone into turning this innovation into a valuable commercial proposition, the award has been given to NTPT and partners including Huntsman, for designing the world’s thinnest uni-directional prepreg and associated handling and design tools.

The ThinPreg prepregs in question, Huntsman states, are made from carbon fibre unidirectional tapes that can be as thin as a third of a human hair.

The tapes are pre-impregnated with an epoxy resin matrix system based on several components selected with Huntsman’s support.

Working with NTPT, Huntsman provided a range of specialty components and advice on the building blocks selection, taking into account the specific requirements of ultra-thin prepreg processing.

Gilles Rocher, Sales & Marketing Manager, NTPT, said,  “Thanks to the excellent product recommendations and ongoing technical support received from Huntsman, we have been able to achieve our goals in applying ultra-thin prepregs to deliver the highest level of quality to a wide range of lightweight and extremely durable designs.”

NTPT’s ultra-thin prepregs it says, are designed specifically for high performance composite applications, as demonstrated by their use as ultra-light components on C-Class yachts.  Ultra-thin plies offer significant improvements in the mechanical properties of composite laminates and also show outstanding machinability.

Photo provided by Huntsman.

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