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JEC Awards 2004: The Nominees

  • Friday, 30th January 2004
  • Reading time: about 6 minutes

Every year, the wide-ranging profiles of the companies nominated for the JEC Awards show the diversity contained in the composite industry. This year the JEC Award will reward successful partnerships selected among the following nominees:

Land Transport

Hycoprod European project, coordinated by the ARRC – Advanced Railway Research Centre (UK) and involving 19 partners from 11 countries: Ahlstrom Glassfibre Oy (Finland), Ashland Composite Polymers (UK), D’Appolonia SpA (Italy), Anthony, Patrick & Murta Exportaçao Ltd (Portugal), Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung IKV (Germany), Fibrocom Oy (Finland), Sicomp AB (Sweden), Box Modul AB (Sweden), TNO (The Netherlands), Hübner GmbH (Germany), University of Perugia (Italy), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Irizar S Coop (Spain), Ifor Williams Trailers (UK), Systemas y Procesos Avanzados (Spain), APC Composit AB (Sweden), Technical University of Riga (Latvia) and Peter GFK (Czech Republic). The Hycoprod consortium is funded by the European Commission and was established to exploit the advantages of composite materials in the transport sector. Hycoprod, a €5.5 M programme, focused on the development of cost-effective manufacturing methods for large monocoque sandwich structures.

DCP Doneco Celtite Profilex, ICO Group (France), and their partners René Deschamp (France) and Labrousse (France), for a van with stiff folding sides. It is a system for closing in a multipurpose van, allowing loading and unloading. The product is a substitute for tarpaulins which, although they are in widespread use, are still too fragile. The system improves employee and product safety.

Irish Composites (Ireland) and their partners Composites Testing Laboratory Ltd (Ireland), Jordan Grand Prix Ltd (UK), Gurit Suprem (Switzerland), and Schappe Technique (France), for a Formula 1 rear-suspension rocker, a thermoplastic composite part made of PEEK/continuous carbon fibre. This lighter part also yields shorter response times due to the stiffer suspension.

Acrosoma (Belgium) and their partners Dow Automotive (Germany), Owens Corning (Belgium) and Teijin Twaron (Belgium-Japan), for the Acrosoma composite panels and patented production machine. Acrosoma is a sandwich panel with a three-dimensional fibre structure.

Permali Wallace Ltd. Bhopal (India) and their institutional partners: RDSO (Research Development and Standards Organization), Ministry of Railways; Government of India, Lucknow and R&D Engineers, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Pune with the support of the Advanced Composite Mission, TIFAC (Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council), Government of India, New Delhi, for composite railway sleepers for metal bridges. For safety reasons, rails are doubled up on bridges to avoid derailment. This new product is the best solution for the Indian railway network, that has about 15,900 girder bridges with more than 900,000 wooden sleepers. Air Transport

Cytec Engineered Materials (CEM) and their partner Fischer Advanced Composite Components (Austria), for a composite spoiler centre fitting for the Airbus A 340 and A 330 wings (replacing a forged aluminium part).

Daher Lhotellier developed a new process for aircraft manufacturers, the Daher Innovative Unit for Connecting Transfer Fluid System (D.U.C.T.S.). This patented system lowers overall assembly weight by 50% while reducing installation and maintenance times (up to 80%). The system requires a small number of connecting parts and is compatible with all fluid transfer systems. The final customer is Airbus France, for the A380 and A400 M programmes.

The Brest Technical University (IUT de Brest) and their partners Rex Composites, the Faculté des sciences de Nantes, HDS and Axson, for the manufacture of an infusion-moulded wing, where the mould itself is also infusion-moulded on a model. The wing is intended for a two-seat aircraft that should be able to fly within two years. The project is both educational and industrial.


Bakelite AG (Germany) and their partner Neptun Aquahaus GmbH (Germany), for the Neptun-Aquahaus floating structure built in thermoset-composite sandwich with honeycomb core (thickness 20, 40 or 90 mm) and epoxy-resin skins. A nomad’s home concept that also comes in a stationary-dwelling version (fixed anchorage) and a floating mini-village anchored near the coastline (peninsula).

PR.AS Consulting Architects & Engineers and their partners DCP Pultrusion (France) and Alphaplast (Italy), for a roofing structure over the courtyard of the new City Courthouse in Pescara, Italy. The roofing structure is composed of pultruded double-T profiles bonded and bolted to sandwich panels. These unique structural elements are not only lightweight and easy to assemble, but attractive as well.

Reynaers Aluminium France and GDP, co-designer of the solution, for a pultruded composite profile with several integrated functions such as sealing. A clamping profile for holding vertical window panels in place that also seals glazed facades from air and liquids. The profile is made of isophtalic resin and unidirectional texturized fibreglass (65% by weight) and meets the requirements of the new French thermal regulations (RT 2000).

Magnum Venus Products, for the MVP Sand Application System, an automatic machine for the production of large-diameter FRP pipes for sewer applications.

Energy & Industry

Faigle Kunststoffe GmbH (Austria) and their partners Gurit Suprem (Switzerland) and Karl Mayer Textilmaschinen GmbH (Germany) for a thread guide tensioner for industrial knitting machines. The composite rod (0.5 x 2 mm, 110 mm in length) keeps the yarn tension constant while the yarn is pulled stepwise at high frequency.

Alstom (Switzerland) and their partners Daido Metal Co Ltd (Japan) and BKW FMB Energie AG (Switzerland), for a composite thrust pad coating for large hydrogenerator hydrodynamic bearings. The bearings are subject to extreme loads due to the weight of the turbine that drives the hydrogenerator. The final solution is a 3 mm-thick short random carbon fibre/PEEK composite coating bonded over surfaces up to 1 m2.


Seaway / J&J Design (Slovenia) and their partners SP Systems (UK) and Shipman Holding AS (Denmark), for the Shipman 50, a fifty-foot offshore yacht. The first cost-competitive production yacht using carbon materials (claimed to be 40% cheaper than competitor boats). The boat is certified to comply with design and build criteria for the Category A (open ocean). It will be awarded the “”European Boat of the Year”” title in January 2004 during the Düsseldorf Boat Show.

APE Advanced Polymer Engineering GmbH (Austria) and their partners Salewa SportGeräte (Germany), Breuerbono Design consulting (Austria), 1 zu 1 Prototypen GmbH (Austria), WD Kunststofftechnik (Germany), Trivial Komoziti (Slovenia), S&W (Germany), Haas Metallguss (Germany) and DuPont de Nemours (Germany-USA), for the Silvretta-PURE boot-independent ski mountaineering binding system. This innovative concept combines high performance with aesthetic design and received the Adolf Loos Design Award (Austria).

Platex Composites (France) and their partners Menzolit (France) and Imprimerie Maire (France), for a pattern printing process for flat objects yielding photographic quality. High final properties: extremely abrasion- and impact-resistant surface, temperature resistance up to 180°C. The production possibilities range from ten to 100,000 units.

Composite Design (Australia) and their partner Newport Composites (USA-Ca), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd. MRC, for carbon fibre composite furniture. This line of thin, lightweight furniture will be launched at the Milan Furniture Fair next April.

The JEC Awards 2004 will be presented on Tuesday March 30 from 6.30 p.m., during a soirée organised as part of the JEC Composites Show 2004 at the Parc des Expositions fairgrounds in Paris (Porte de Versailles).

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