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Jacob Composite and BMW select Tepex M3 Bumper Beam

  • Monday, 25th September 2006
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Bond-Laminates is been supplying its Tepex dynalite Glass/PA6 laminates for the BMW M3 bumper beam.

The thermoplastic composite beam has been manufactured by Jacob Composite GmbH, Wilhelmsdorf (D). Jacob Composite and Bond-Laminates have cooperated intensively to customize the material lay-up for cost and performance.

Principally, this development was relying on the structural performance of Tepex dynalite Glass/PA6 materials against incumbent materials. The result made BMW and Jacob choose for a running material change during an ongoing production.

According to Mr. Marko Wacker, manager of R&D at Jacob Composites, the Tepex dynalite Glass/PA6 material offers the following advantages:

• weight reduction from 7 kg to 3.1 kg vs. aluminium beams
• three to four times better material crash performance vs. steel
• excellent structural performance
• a fast and reproducible manufacturing of the beam
• a higher temperature stability and better crash performance than Glass/PP materials

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