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ITASA has Successfully Started Production in Queretaro, Mexico, Right on Schedule!

ITASA has Successfully Started Production in Queretaro, Mexico, Right on Schedule!

  • Wednesday, 15th May 2019
  • Reading time: about 4 minutes

ITASA has successfully initiated production at its new plant located in Querétaro, Mexico.

The 7,000 sqm building that hosts the plant was completed in less than 8 months, and the site allows a possible future expansion with an option to double the building capacity.

After a successful on-site acceptance test in Italy in July 2018, the coating machine was shipped to Mexico. It was commissioned during the month of March 2019 and is now in full production mode.

The new plant will serve the entire American continent and produce a range of products that make up the ITASA catalogue in market segments such as labels, tapes, medical, hygiene, automotive and composites. To guarantee the highest quality standards, the plant has state-of-the-art technology, including a Bobst coating machine fitted with in-line flexo printing, three Euromac slitter / rewinders, and a stand-alone Uteco printer.

The latest generation Bobst coating machine was custom built to ITASA’s requirements. It boasts high performance features needed to deliver a consistent, maximum-quality, and cost competitive product: Doyle cleaning device, web inspection system from Dr Schenk, maximum production speed of 1,000 m/min.

The coater is 1,700 mm (67 inches) wide. In order to benefit from years of expertise within the ITASA Group, the machine was fitted with a 5-roll coater using solvent-less thermally cured silicone. Due to increasing customer needs to personalise their products, an online flexographic printing system was added.

The brand-new slitting machines provide versatility and the ability to slit from 1700mm down to 12mm.

For months, the operators were trained in Andoain, before actively participating in the machine commissioning, teaming up with experienced ITASA staff traveling from Spain to help with the set-up phase.

“The construction of a new plant in Mexico will allow us to be closer to our customers in the Americas. The choice of the most advanced technology is clear proof of our commitment to invest in order to convert ITASA into a truly global player,” says Olivier Lavaud, CEO of ITASA.

Global player

With the opening of the new facility, which required an investment of over €10 million, ITASA has expanded its installed capacity, in excess of 1,2 billion sqm.   

The growth potential of the release liners market in the American continent will contribute to the strategic commitment of the Spanish firm to become a global supplier. With its presence in Mexico, ITASA is becoming the largest commercial release liner manufacturer in Latin America and has positioned itself in a strategic place to serve its customers in both North and South America.

ITASA will offer American customers products of the same quality, flexibility and customisation which they currently source from Andoain.

Lastly, the investment in Queretaro is a clear sign of ITASA’s commitment to reinforce customer intimacy by offering the closest possible service. This approach has already led to the acquisition of a production plant in Malaysia two years ago.

Investment and growth

ITASA has been manufacturing high quality siliconised papers since 1974 for a variety of end-uses such as self-adhesive tapes, labels, composites, medical, graphic arts, hygiene, etc. Headquartered in Andoain, Spain, it has cemented its success through constant investment to strengthen its global footprint.

This process resulted in over €40 million capacity-related and modernisation investments in recent years and has positioned ITASA at the cutting-edge of technology. Currently the company exports around 80% of its production to more than 60 countries and is progressing steadily in Asia and the Americas. ITASA has experienced a 50% growth since 2013 and the consolidated turnover will exceed 100 M€ in 2019.

Image provided by Defacto

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