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Inspirational Keynote Speakers Open New Horizons During JEC Asia

  • Tuesday, 29th September 2015
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

JEC Asia will host 3 renowned motivational Keynote speakers over the 3 days of the event, taking place in Singapore from the 20th to 22nd October, designed to illustrate human development, team spirit and winning methods.

“I am thrilled to present these amazing speakers to the Composites Professionals who will attend our 8th session of JEC Asia.” says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President and CEO.

“Additional to the Leadership Circles launched last year, this program will deliver keys to negotiate better business outcomes. I am convinced that, not only will the attendance grow personally and professionally from the experience of these inspiring men, but also our Community will be encouraged in going always a step further and push ambitions to the limits as our Industry has always been,” adds Mutel.

Water Tay will deliver “1 + 1 = 3, Leverage on Composite Synergy to Lead Your Market” on 20th October at 10:00, bringing the audience his wealth of experience having worked with more than 1,000 corporations in more than 30 cities. JEC explains that, as a certified trainer, speaker & Master of Ceremony to some of the biggest events, he is passionate about leadership, human development and team dynamics.

His speech is expected to bring out the best in the composites professionals, and in the most entertaining way, cover the power of synergy related to the Composites Industry, the leverage of doing more with less or again the concept of ‘Price versus Pride in Business.’ Always finding the best way to motivate and lead the group, JEC says he is known for his wit, multiple-intelligence, dynamism and pragmatic views of “what works, what doesn’t”. There will be no lofty textbook materials or boring PowerPoint slides!

Dr William Tan will deliver “Unstoppable” on 21st October at 10:00. According to JEC, Dr. Tan is a neuroscientist and medical doctor, paralympian, world record holder and international inspirational speaker. It explains that he contracted polio at the age of two and is paralysed from the waist down. Notwithstanding his disability, he has shown outstanding strength in overcoming adversities. Graduated from The National University of Singapore, Harvard University and Oxford University, he has also trained at the Mayo Clinic in US. JEC says that Dr Tan is also a sportsman with numerous gold medals at the Asian-Pacific Games, participations to Paralympics and World Games and holder of six endurance endurance marathon world records. His charity works is matched only by his perseverance. Thus, his journey of resilience and reinventing oneself to scale greater heights in the face of adversity continues to inspire many individuals and corporate leaders.

David Lim will deliver “Lessons From Everest: How Leaders Lead” on 22nd October at 10:00. In 1998, David made history as leader of the 1st Singapore Mt. Everest Expedition. JEC explains that the landmark climb captured the nation’s imagination about the art of the possible, and ignited the need for calculated risk-taking, courage and imagination in the flat, tropical island nation of Singapore. A week after his triumphant return from Everest, JEC explains that he was struck down by the rare nerve disorder, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and paralysed completely from eyes down. He regained his life through sheer will and focus, and made a successful return to the great mountains. Fascinated about discovering winning aspects of human resilience and motivation, David’s speech is expected to help people tap their potential in becoming stronger leaders, be better team members and to negotiate better life and business outcomes.

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