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Innovative Hose Handle can Help Prevent Injuries

Innovative Hose Handle can Help Prevent Injuries

  • Tuesday, 14th July 2015
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Handle-Tech has used innovative compounds from RTP Company and plastic mouldings from Gemma Plastic Products to create an independent, removable handle that could lock onto a hose or pipe, allowing workers to move hoses while standing in a natural, upright position, like holding a suitcase.

Dale Gregg, owner of Handle- Tech, says he got the idea for the product when a friend explained how his son had crushed his hand while moving sections of heavy hose in the oil fields of Canada. “You hear about a lot of hand injuries, back injuries, falls, hoses decoupling and hitting people, and other accidents,” Gregg said. He used a 3D printer to create a device that could help avoid these injuries, and after seven prototypes, Gregg brought the device to an international oil and gas show. “There was enormous interest,” he said. “No one had ever seen anything like it before.”

Fueled by the interest of the industry, Gregg shifted his attention to manufacturing and met with Tom Vermeeren from Gemma Plastic Products. Vermeeren advised Gregg to use long glass fibre reinforced nylon from RTP Company, saying he wouldn’t regret it.

“He was right,” Gregg said, referring to Vermeeren’s advice. “I still can’t believe how well this material fits my vision. It’s extremely strong, has great electrical insulation characteristics and is practically impervious to heat and cold.” Using long glass fibre reinforced nylon from RTP Company, Gregg partnered with Gemma Plastic Products to mould the plastic. Handle-Tech says it is now receiving a flood of orders for Gregg’s product. “As one customer told me,” Gregg said, “the handles make it so much easier and so much safer, he never wants to see his people move any hoses or pipes by hand ever again.”

Photo provided by RTP Company.

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