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Indigenous company breathes a new life into the building technology

  • Tuesday, 1st August 2000
  • Reading time: less than a minute

in NigeriaEco-Building System Nigeria Limited is introducing a new dimension into construction work that may even make it possible to construct a skyscraper in a few days. Eco-Building Managing Director, Dr. Maduka Nwakwesi says that the company has mastered the art of infusing speed into construction work through a self-developed eco-crete panel/modular system which ensures the completion of about 10 bungalows in a month, 10 three-bedroom flats in two weeks and five, 5-bedroom duplex with detached quarters in three months. Ninety-five per cent of the materials are sourced locally, he stressed. The pre-fabricated materials, a mixture of cement, polymers, fibreglass and sand which is poured into prepared moulds to dry. Though the house is light, it is five times stronger than concrete houses. Due to the use of fibreglass, the only imported component, the house can resist fire, water and termites, although the company is working on replacing the fibreglass which it imports with a mixture of coconut fibre and jute.

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