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IDI Composites International Launches Restructured Global Website Library

  • Monday, 7th November 2011
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

IDI Composites has restructured its website’s library at

The restructured library has been designed to organise the information available on the website and to make it easier to use and more accessible to their global clients.

According to IDI, the library of product data, case histories and industry specific application sheets has been reorganised in three ways. First, the volume of data has been collapsed into category headings which, when clicked, expand to offer their content. The depth of the library’s content remains visible, but the bulk of the document listings are only accessed as needed by a site visitor. Next, descriptions of each of the product sheets has been added to the library, making it much easier for site visitors to quickly identify the product they are looking for and then access detailed product information. Last, relevant product sheet listings and links have been added to their respective vertical market information pages. This provides a shortcut directly to related products right from that market’s overview page.

“The library has been re-developed from the customer’s perspective. It should greatly assist engineers looking for products suitable for their projects who may have been overwhelmed in the past by the sheer quantity of product we have available.” states Paul Rhodes, Vice President of Marketing.

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