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Icotec Wins JEC Innovations Award

  • Monday, 26th February 2007
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Icotec will be awarded with first prize of the JEC Innovations Award in the category ‘medical applications’ at this year’s JEC Composites Show in Paris.

The carbon composite implant for stabilization of the cervical spine that icotec developed convinced the jury, and icotec CEO Roger Stadler will be receiving the prize at the Museum d’Orsay in the beginning of April this year.

The icotec research team with Prof. Fritz Magerl, Ronald Wieling and Dr. Roger Tognini have developed the award winning spinal implant in an extensive cooperation with the German customer Signus Medizintechnik and the English biomaterials supplier Invibio. The award winning implant is the very first bone plate system with screws for stabilizing the cervical spine made of carbon composite. The properties of the material facilitate post-OP monitoring of the healing progress with MRI and X-ray without undesired artefacts that distort the images, a problem that occurs with metal implants. In addition, the composite implants stand out with their excellent fatigue resistance in dynamic applications.

Using composites is relatively new for implants and surgical instruments. With the patented CFM production process icotec is unique in producing such high load bearing components like screws made of continuous fibre reinforced composites. The main interest for orthopaedic and dental implants lies in the radiolucency and fatigue resistance of the biocompatible composite material. Also, the CFM production process allows for complex product designs with little process related restrictions – unlike machining of titanium implants.

The Managing Director of icotec, Roger Stadler commented “Winning the JEC Innovations Award is a great honour for us and it is a motivation and assurance that we are on the right track. Over the past few months icotec has been feeling an increasing interest in our Composite Flow Moulding Technology and the many different application possibilities of our products. For some time we have been in negotiations with some of the big companies in the orthopaedic and dental industry and we are evaluating future joint developments in implant technology. We feel there is a promising growth potential for icotec in the orthopaedic and dental markets.”

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