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Huntsman Works with Carbon Innovation on New Marine Project

  • Tuesday, 16th August 2011
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Tooling and production materials from Huntsman Advanced Materials have been selected to construct a new One Design carbon racing yacht.

Huntsman describes the ‘CODE8’ as a light displacement, high performance racing yacht. Designed by America’s Cup yacht designer Andrej Justin and professionally crafted by Carbon Innovation Ltd, the ‘CODE8’ is being designed to compete in top level local and international regattas.

Huntsman say Carbon Innovation decided to use their production materials after consultations with Farix, Huntsman’s distributor in Hungary. The materials were chosen for their toughness, surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Also, in the case of parts production, they were specifically selected for their heat and chemical resistance properties.

CAD data was initially used to produce a plug of the yacht from a PSFoam substructure and (RenPaste SV36 / Ren HV 36) modelling paste. The parts were then CNC machine milled to create a master model designed for fast extrusion, exhibiting both low shrinkage and a smooth surface finish.

A high performance gel coat (Resin XD4615 / Ren HY 5159) was then applied to the master model and a backing layer was built up (using Renlam CY219/XB5173 in combination with glass fibre) to form the mould for the hull, deck and all other parts.

The hull and deck were produced from the mould using a hot curing system for vacuum infusion (GL certified, Araldite LY 1564 / Aradur 2954) and bonded together with an epoxy adhesive (GL certified, Araldite 2015) which Huntsman say form durable, elastomeric joints that are water tight and weather resistant.

For other components, including the mast and rudder, Huntsman explain that an Araldite pre-preg system (Araldite LY 1556 / Aradur 1573 / Accelerator 1571 / Hardener XB 3403) was selected and used in combination with Carbon Innovation’s self-developed pre-preg machine. This system has an easy B-staging and GL certification and can also be used for wet lay-up; filament winding and resin transfer moulding.

”Using Huntsman’s products and systems throughout the project has optimised our management time and provided a central expert source of technical know-how and product supply,” said Tamas Simon, Managing Director at Carbon Innovation. “On a practical level we are realising cost benefits and are on target to meet our time to market objectives, with minimal waste and downtime. The quality of parts has matched the ambition of our design at every stage.”

Huntsman explain that the ‘CODE8’ has been built to the highest standards, utilising state-of-the-art construction materials and production technologies comparable with that used in America’s Cup yacht construction and fit out. They say progress through the design, development and production stages was rapid, with the first ‘CODE8’ yacht having taken 4 months to complete.

The boat is expected to first take to the water to compete in the Keszhely-Kenese, a short handed solo race, on 20th August. In September, it is expected to compete in both the Centomiglia at Lake Garda on 10th and the TBS cup at Lake Balaton on 23rd. Following this, on 9th October the ‘CODE8’ is scheduled to compete in the Barcolana.

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