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Huntsman in Targeted Research Projects for Aerospace Applications

  • Saturday, 4th November 2006
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Huntsman is a partner in two new European part-funded Specific Targeted Research Projects for aeronautics and space applications as part of the 6th European Framework Program.

These three-year programs are: PreCarBi (Pre-impregnated Carbon Binder yarn preform composites), which is a four million euros program led by Cranfield University and Toho Tenax and ABiTAS (Advanced Bonding Technologies for Aircraft Structures) a five million euros program led by Airbus Germany. Both are multipartner research programs with prime and tier 1 manufacturers participating, together with a wide variety of SMEs, research establishments and universities.

The primary objectives of the PreCarBi project are to develop new material and a manufacturing process for advanced composites that merge the benefits of prepregging and liquid composite molding technologies using pre-impregnated binder yarns. Within this program, Huntsman will develop a new toughened resin system suitable for infusion and compatible with the polymer binder.

In addition Huntsman will be actively involved with the scale-up and processing of the binder yarn developed by Toho Tenax Europe and in-depth characterisation of the resin and binder materials. The ABiTAS project addresses structural paste adhesive bonding, surface pre-treatments for titanium and CFRP, automation, and processing.

Huntsman has a lead role within this project to manage a sub-group of the consortium in order to develop novel chemistries to be employed in structural paste adhesives. This is primarily targeted at cure on command or dual cure technologies and retention of hot/wet properties.

Huntsman will also support the automation and fit-analysis modeling to provide gap adapted application of the paste adhesive. These key three-year research programs will utilize the resource and facilities of the Huntsman site in Basel, Switzerland..

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