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Huber Launches Commercial Production of Spherilex Amorphous Precipitated Spherical Silicas and Silicates

  • Tuesday, 2nd August 2016
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Huber Engineered Materials is investing in commercial production capacity for its patented Spherilex amorphous precipitated spherical silica and silicate technology.

This investment will be at Huber’s Hamina, Finland production facility, and Huber explains it is the first production-scale capacity for the Spherilex technology. The Hamina operation will support the business growth of Spherilex precipitated silicas and silicates globally.

Spherilex products are produced via a novel manufacturing process designed to create unique spherical particles that provide new or improved functional benefits in a variety of applications including coatings, plastics and personal care products. Capacity is expected to be online in the first quarter of 2017.  

“Innovation is core to Huber’s culture and the Spherilex technology showcases the creativity and vision of our scientists and engineers,” says Eric Lundquist PhD, Global Director of Technology for Huber’s Silica business unit. “We are excited about the opportunities and benefits it will provide to our customers.”

The new manufacturing process allows for the production of Spherilex precipitated silicas and silicates with a wide range of surface areas and tight control on both particle size and particle size distribution.

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