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Hexcel Highlights Aerospace Innovations at SAMPE Tech 2014

Hexcel Highlights Aerospace Innovations at SAMPE Tech 2014

  • Tuesday, 3rd June 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

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Hexcel Corporation will be promoting the latest composite solutions and applications developed for the aerospace market at SAMPE Tech 2014 in Seattle, Washington State Convention Center, Washington, US June 3-4th.

HexTow HM63 is a new High Modulus carbon fibre which Hexcel claims has the highest tensile strength of any HM fibre and provides outstanding translation of fibre properties in a composite, including superior interlaminar shear and compression shear strength. Hexcel says this makes it ideal for any high stiffness and strength-critical applications including space, satellites, UAV, commercial aerospace and helicopters.  It also meets the special requirements for premium sports and recreation applications including F1, marine craft, bikes and fishing rods.

Hexcel states that to demonstrate the potential of HiTapefor cost and cycle efficient next generation aircraft primary structures, Hexcel has worked with Aerolia SAS and Coriolis Composites to design and manufacture an aircraft fuselage panel demonstrator which will be displayed at SAMPE Tech. 

Hexcel explains that HiTape advanced dry carbon fibre reinforcements provide aircraft designers the benefits of automated processing with the cost-effectiveness of Out of Autoclave infusion technologies.  According to Hexcel, parts produced with HiTape and Hexcel’s HexFlow infusion resins can be up to 30mm thick with a 58 to 60% Fibre Volume Content, resulting in mechanical properties that are as high as those achieved with primary structure prepregs.

Also on display will be a composite mould tool for engine fan blades.  Hexcel says its patented composite tooling material enables the tolerance accuracy achieved with metals to be combined with the extreme lightness of carbon fibre composites. This new concept for lightweight, efficient large-scale tools is cost-effective compared with conventional composite tools and metal moulds, especially those made from Invar.

Hexcel’s display tool was manufactured by Sawyer Compositefor CFANusing HexTOOL M61 tooling material. HexTOOL was selected by CFAN to manufacture composite fan blade layup tools for the GE90 and GEnx engines after a 22-month evaluation of composite tool technologies. More than 80 HexTOOL tools are presently in production use at their facilities with more planned.

Hexcel will be exhibiting at Booth H2 at the exhibition.

Photo provided by Hexcel

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